The Companions by R.A. Salvatore

The Companions

A second chance. The chance for change and redemption or in Bruenor’s case the chance to do it all again, exactly the same way

If you have read a Salvatore before you will know the old and polished characters. The most prominent of those being Drizzt. He is mentioned a few times and the whole quest is about him, however he doesn’t star in this story. The Companions of the Hall, the friends and family of Drizzt are the centerpiece, with the main focus being on Catte-brie, Regis and Breunor.

They just happen to be a wee bit dead. Luckily for the them and the storyline they have been given a second chance at life. Unfortunately they have to start at the very beginning again. Breunor somehow manages to get lost on the way to dwarf Valhalla and also ends up reborn.
I thought this was the interesting part of the concept.

Giving someone the ability to do over but with all previous memories, emotions and characteristics in place. Thereby having the chance to perhaps change some element of your life or self that was previously a worry or burden.
Regis takes the opportunity for reflection and uses his insight to become something more than he was before. Catte-brie finally confronts and admits the fact that the lack of connection to her birth parents in a previous life has been a silent torment.

What can I say about Bruenor? Once a grumpy old dwarf always a grumpy old dwarf. The part that didn’t gel well for me was the Pwent. The race or type of character he has now become seemed a bit like someone inserting a contemporary type in the midst of a Middle Earth type saga.

The lives of the three enfold slowly with all of them facing various dangers and life challenges. The plot builds up to the meeting of the three at the end, which I thought was a bit flat after all that building.
Overall it was a very intricate fantasy read and a series I shall be be keeping my eye on.
I received a copy of this book via Netgalley.

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