Sleigh Bells in the Snow by Sarah Morgan


I think if I was looking for the perfect Xmas romance read for someone who likes to curl up with a book, forget about the world and shed a tear of happy, then I would most certainly pick this book.

It was like unwrapping a gift, which is tied and wrapped so exquisitely that you just don’t want to break the spell of perfection.

The author has created a place called Snow Crystal that I would really like to go take my next holiday in. I would even slip on a pair of skis, and I have never partaken in that particular cold delight before. Sarah Morgan makes you want to be there. She gives the reader the authentic feeling of being able to see and experience the beauty of the setting and the cookie dough yummyness of the family interaction.

Admittedly at times I did find the female lead a tad annoying. Holding on to the dark memories of Christmas past doesn’t do anyone any good and letting the events of your childhood define your present day is just therapy worthy. Kayla is often like a straight-laced Chicken Little, who thinks the world will fall on her head if she dares to be anything other than a Christmas Grinch.

A Grinch like Kayla doesn’t want any sense of happy family or Christmas spirit to mess with her well-balanced gloomy and lonely lifestyle. Work is Kayla and Kayla is work, literally. That is until she is confronted with someone who sees right through her performance.

Enter Jackson the handsome King of snow world and his merry band of quirky family members. Combined they are chaotic enough to send anyone into a pearl clutching state of mind.

Kayla finds herself in a quandary when the inner structure she has spent years building, is threatened by the very things that made her build the structure in the first place. Something that she thought lost to her forever might actually be retrievable.

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