Street Soldier by Andy McNab

street soldierSean has chosen the path of least resistance by joining and being part of the criminal gang on his housing estate. He takes the rap and a prison sentence to ensure his brothers in arms go free.

It is quite easy to forget that Sean and his fellow prisoners are in a detention centre or prison for juveniles. They are all hardened by their upbringing and tend to put on a dog-eat-dog facade to maintain some semblance of authority amongst their peers.

They are not quite adults and yet have ended up in an environment that isn’t suitable for the meek, the depressed or the faint of heart. When Sean is presented with an opportunity to change his luck and his future he doesn’t hesitate to grab the chance

On a more positive note this scenario is a way of rehabilitating teens with no other alternative than gang-life or a life of crime. A chance to teach them skills and responsibility instead of them spending a lifetime in and out of prison.

The question is whether you can teach an old dog new tricks or will Sean automatically slide back into a life of crime and end up back on the easy path.

It is a YA read, and aside from a few swearwords it is also suitable for older teens. The whole premise is supposed to be the subliminal message that even if you make a serious mistake there is always a way forward. You just have to choose to make a more positive impact in life. Sometimes you have to pick the road with the bigger obstacles instead of walking down the easy road.

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