#BlogTour Under the Cloud by B.R. Erlank

It’s my turn on the BlogTour Under the Cloud by B.R. Erlank.

About the Author

Boris Erlank grew up in Southern Africa and Namibia. He has lived and worked in places as diverse as Luanda, Cape Town, Singapore and San Francisco. Boris recently gave up his job as Global Privacy Manager with a Fortune 100 company to focus on writing full-time. 

He has an extensive background in IT, data privacy and cybersecurity, and has drawn on that experience to craft his latest novel, “Under the Cloud”. 

Boris lives with his family and two dogs in the foothills of Mount Diablo, east of San Francisco. In his spare time, he likes to cycle, hike, sing in a choir, and listen to audiobooks. Visit brerlank.wordpress.com or B.R. Erlank on Facebook

About the book

They call themselves The Settlement Bureau. A faceless, soulless organization coercing Americans with threats to expose their improprieties and vulnerabilities. Inhumanely persistent, they’ve secretly driven hundreds of victims into bankruptcy, despair – and several even to suicide.

But when this organization tries to blackmail IT expert Terry Reynolds, they make a serious mistake. Terry is down on his luck. He is penniless, divorced and in a dead-end job. Yet, the abuse of his personal information stirs Terry out of his lethargy, and he fights back. He embarks on a digital game of cat-and-mouse with the cold, calculating minds behind The Settlement Bureau – and in doing so, uncovers a sprawling criminal conspiracy.


At the core of this read is religion and the fine line drawn between Christians and the posers using religion it to earn a dime. Zealous pseudo-Christians and in particular the big Evangelists – the TV evangelists. Talk about the world’s greatest con. People want to believe and are eager to send their money. Talking of fine lines – there is also an invisible one many of these pseudo religious groups cross, and often it isn’t even invisible – the line into being a cult.

I think the author makes some interesting comparisons to already existing groups and individuals who are willing to be ruthless, criminal and blatantly devoid of any morals or suggested religious values. People are easy pickings for those working the long con under the guise of a religion – willing to give or do anything only to be embraced by the faux lord and get a key to the door in the sky.

When you combine that with cyber-crime, which is one of the biggest threats the world is confronted with in this era, then you have a perfect collusion between crime, vulnerability and the manipulation via media outlets.

I thought this was quite clever, especially when it waded into more controversial topics. Giving both sides or positions without taking a definitive stand, very diplomatic indeed and yet simultaneously also presenting a no-holds-barred picture of the issue. It’s an engrossing and fast-paced read.

Buy Under the Cloud at Amazon Uk or go to Goodreads for any other retailer. Publisher: ‎Khanya pub date 15 Sept. 2022. Buy at Amazon com.

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#Blogtour The Invisible by Michelle Dunne

 It’s my turn on the BlogTour – The Invisible by Michelle Dunne.

About the Author

Born and raised in the harbour town of Cobh, Co Cork, Michelle joined the Irish army at the age of 18, where she went from recruit to infantry soldier, to Peacekeeper with the UN, to instructor back home in Ireland.

During her time in Lebanon, she got to experience first-hand the camaraderie between soldiers and the sense of humour that got them all through some frightening situations. She also got to experience how ordinary families tried to live in conflict zones and these experiences have inspired so much of her work to date.

The Invisible is Michelle’s fourth book, but the second in The Lindsey Ryan series, following on from While Nobody is Watching, which is currently in development for television and inspired by her military experiences and the types of relationships that form within army ranks. Follow @NotDunneYet on Twitter, Visit michelledunnebooks.com

About the book

A migrant crisis. A corrupt harbour town. Who will stand for those who have become invisible to the rest of the world?

People have become one of the world’s most valuable commodities. Trafficked on the promise of a new life only to be hidden away as modern-day slaves. When Lena, a raped and badly beaten Syrian woman, literally falls into Lindsey Ryan’s life, she’s left with no choice but to find her part in this new war and play it as best she can.

But before she can work out a safe plan to get Lena away from her very own hell at the hands of Patrick Adebayo, Lindsey hears of an unconscious child being smuggled into Patrick’s building just two doors up. Despite having Patrick’s unwanted attention, she has to help the child and get Lena to safety regardless of the cost. In doing so, she finds herself face to face with the worst of humanity.

Added to her own private battle with PTSD, former soldier Lindsey Ryan is in a race against time and must once again fight for her life. But if she fails to protect those around her, what if anything, will that life be worth?


This is a raw experience. There is no unicorn fluff to pad the brutal truth and soften the blow, which is what makes this a great read.

Lyndsey is followed by flashbacks, day mares linked to past trauma. It’s hard to keep them at bay in order to function, and yet they are also equally responsible for the inner ear that listens to the extra layer of gut instinct. 

Those instincts serve her well when she is tasked with dealing with the bottom-feeders who traffic the vulnerable and desperate. Lives are expendable and worth only what they can used for. The lives of children and young people included – something Lyndsey won’t turn a blind eye to.

Although the thriller and crime story in the midst of this is a good read, the world and character building of the main character is the more poignant element. It cocoons the story in its entirety, which is perhaps a metaphor in itself. When a person is dealing with PTSD it can become a tentacled being that wraps its arms around every interaction and situation, sometimes with disastrous results. Daily life can be a constant adapting of coping mechanisms.

Buy The Invisible at Amazon Uk or go to Goodreads for any other retailer. Publisher: ‎ Bad Press Ink pub date 25 April 2022. Buy at Amazon com.

#BlogTour Clarissa by Karl Drinkwater

 It’s a pleasure to take part in the BlogTour Clarissa: Lost Tales of Solace by Karl Drinkwater.

About the Author

Karl Drinkwater writes thrilling SF, suspenseful horror, and contemporary literary fiction. Whichever you pick you’ll find interesting and authentic characters, clever and compelling plots, and believable worlds.

Karl has lived in many places but now calls Scotland his home. He’s an ex-librarian with degrees in English, Classics, and Information Science. He also studied astrophysics for a year at university, surprising himself by winning a prize for “Outstanding Performance”.

When he isn’t writing he loves guitars, exercise, computer and board games, nature, and vegan cake. Not necessarily in that order. Click here to subscribe to his newsletter

Follow @karldrinkwater on Twitter, on Goodreadson Amazonon Facebookon Instagram, Visit karldrinkwater.uk  

About the book

If you’re reading this: HELP! I’ve been kidnapped. Me and my big sister stayed together after our parents died. We weren’t bothering anybody. But some mean government agents came anyway, and split us up. Now I’m a prisoner on this spaceship. The agents won’t even say where we’re going. I hate them.

And things have started to get a bit weird. Nullspace is supposed to be empty, but when I look out of the skywindows I can see … something. Out there. And I think it wants to get in here. With us. My name is Clarissa. I am ten years old. And they will all be sorry when my big sister comes to rescue me.


This is the third book in the Lost Tales of Solace series, but it is part of the bigger Solace universe – pun fully intended. It’s a bit like solitary planets having their own stories and yet being connected by the fact they are all part of one universe. For readers who have read the rest of or part of this series they will recognise the connection for instance between Clarissa and her sister Opal, who is featured in previous novels.

What begins as a story that seems to be one of a young girl being kidnapped and separated from her sister, soon wanders into an entirely different realm of fear and uncertainty. Clarissa doesn’t know why she has been kidnapped and her two guards play good cop and bad cop, but she knows enough not to let them know certain things. Like the fact she can see things they can’t or what they perceive to be innocent objects are actually a way to facilitate communication. They clearly can’t see what is coming straight at them – but Clarissa can.

It’s speculative science-fiction that really does veer off into worlds, scenarios and experiences previously unknown. The melding of genres, possible storylines, of science, space, travel and the unknown, then pushing the boundaries to see where it takes both the readers and the author – trademark Drinkwater. 

The result is an individual experience each time. As if the challenge were to envision and give the reader a different perspective each time. Not of the same scenarios or the characters, but of the speculative nature of the unknown. Definitely a series I would recommend, perhaps more so because you just never know where the story will take you each time. It’s creative and visionary.

Buy Clarissa at Amazon Uk or go to Goodreads for any other retailer. Publisher ‏: ‎Organic Apocalypse pub date 1 Jun. 2021. Buy at Amazon com.

#BlogBlitz Angel of the Lost Treasure by Marie Laval

 It’s my turn on the BlogBlitz Angel of the Lost Treasure by Marie Laval.

About the Author

Originally from Lyon in France, Marie has lived in the Rossendale Valley in Lancashire for the past few years. She writes both contemporary and historical romance. Her novels include best selling contemporary romantic suspense novels Little Pink Taxi and Escape to the Little Chateau, which was shortlisted for the 2021 RNA Jackie Collins Romantic Suspense Awards, as well as A Paris Fairy Tale and Bluebell’s Christmas Magic. 

Her latest novel, Angel of the Lost Treasure, was released in February 2021. Marie also contributes to the best selling Miss Moonshine’s Emporium anthologies together with eight author friends from Authors on the Edge. Follow @MarieLaval1 on Twitter, on Facebook

About the book

An ancient secret hidden within a mother’s song … When young widow, Marie-Ange Norton is invited to Beauregard in France by the mysterious Monsieur Malleval to collect an inheritance, she has no choice but to accept.

But when she embarks on the voyage with her fiery-tempered travelling companion Capitaine Hugo Saintclair, little does she know what waits for her across the sea in turbulent nineteenth-century France on the eve of Napoleon’s return from exile. When she arrives, she is taken aback by Malleval’s fascination with her family – seemingly inspired by his belief they are connected to a sacred relic he’s read about in coded manuscripts by the Knights Templar.

As it becomes clear that Malleval’s obsession has driven him to madness, Marie-Ange is horrified to realise she is more the man’s prisoner than his guest. Not only that, but Hugo is the only person who might be able to help her, and he could represent a different kind of danger.


Marie-Ange has a certain degree of naïve innocence that makes her susceptible to anyone who tries to take advantage of her, and there seems to be plenty of them. She is being escorted to France to learn more about her mother, her roots and her inheritance. Hugo Saintclair is a dashing man who becomes her rescuer in many situations.

The two of them represent the division in France, the royalist and the Bonapartist. One enamoured by her mother’s heritage and the other very much aware of the differences between the two of them. As Marie-Ange slowly realises how much danger she is in she relies on Saintclair to help her, but are his loyalties divided between the beautiful stranger and the man who has the power to destroy him.

I don’t think Laval left out anything when it comes to this story. It has sort of dual timeline, romance, magical realism and a pinch of the supernatural, and the historical fiction element has an 80s regency vibe, but put together it may seem like a bit chaotic – it works though.

It’s historical fiction that goes all the way back the Knights Templar, to unexplained powers and the possibility of immortality. It’s certainly a creative read.

Buy Angel of the Lost Treasure at Amazon Uk or go to Goodreads for any other retailer. Publisher ‏: ‎ Choc Lit pub date 23 Feb. 2021. Buy at Amazon comAt Kobo.

#BlogTour Insider by Owen Mullen

It’s my turn on the BlogTour Insider by Owen Mullen.

About the Author

Owen Mullen is a highly regarded crime author who splits his time between Scotland and the island of Crete.  In his earlier life he lived in London and worked as a musician and session singer. He has now written seven books and his first gangland thriller for Boldwood, Family was published in January 2021. Sign up to his newsletter here

Follow @OwenMullen6 on Twitter, on Instagramon YoutubeGoodreads Author pageBookbub page,

About the book

Someone’s playing both sides and now they have a score to settle… When the family business is crime, you can never be sure who to trust. And when three of their businesses are hit in one night, the notorious Glass family close ranks. Either someone is sending them a message or a war is coming… 

With trouble coming from all sides, the heads of the Glass family have more than enough to deal with, but all bets are off when a stranger from the past enters the game, causing division and mistrust.

Crooked cops, rival gangs and old enemies are bad enough, but when the trouble comes from the inside, loyalties are tested, with deadly consequences.


This can be read as a standalone novel, however I would recommend reading the first in the series to get the full gist of it and a feel for the Glass family. It’s fair to say that although they are a highly volatile and dysfunctional family, they also tend to live by rule of family loyalty rules supreme.

The family and their businesses are under attack. They appear to be highly motivated and willingly to leave complete chaos and destruction in their stead, and the Glass family are more or less chasing a ghost. Who as it in for them?

This book has kind of a get ready, start your engines and full throttle ahead kind of feel to it. There is always something going on, it’s pulsing with energy, although one could argue that it’s negative energy due to the vast amount of violence and crime.

It’s urban crime, gangland under siege and city warfare. The Glass family never seems to not be in the line of sight of some enemy or the other, and indeed it seems like the next read doesn’t suggest this will change any time soon.

Buy Insider at Amazon Uk or go to Goodreads for any other retailer. Publisher : ‎Boldwood Books pub date June 29, 2021. Buy at Amazon com. 

#BlogTour The Web They Wove by Catherine Yaffe

It’s my turn on the BlogTour The Web They Wove by Catherine Yaffe.

About the Author

Catherine Yaffe is a full-time writer of crime novels, based in the North of England. The Web They Wove is Catherine’s second novel and continues the theme of questioning how well we know those around us. Her debut novel ‘The Lie She Told’ in October ‘20 was received with widespread acclaim, and so far, has gained over 50 five star reviews across Goodreads and Amazon. 

Follow @CatherineYaffe on Twitter, on Facebook

About the book

Not all killers are who they first seem.. – The mutilated body of a young female is found in a popular recreation ground in Leeds city centre. DI Ziggy Thornes and his team are at once assigned to close the case. 

With little to no forensic evidence left at the scene at first Ziggy struggles to put the pieces together. When a second body turns up in the same place, Ziggy starts to feel the pressure from his bosses and the media as fear spreads through the city. 

Realising that victims have been held captive prior to their deaths, Ziggy delves deeper and relentlessly chases down every lead, taking him close to breaking point.

When the investigation leads him dangerously close to home, will time run out before the tangled web of evil he’s uncovered destroys everything he holds dear? 


I think what the team fails to do in the beginning is really think about the victims and their interactions with the killer before their deaths. It’s a clue they overlook at first. In general they seem to be ten steps behind this vicious killer.

DI Ziggy Thornes is under immense pressure to serve up a perpetrator, which sounds easier than it is given the fact this person isn’t leaving a lot behind that could lead to a possible identification. The top brass is pushing for outcomes, whilst Ziggy is struggling to save whoever could be next.

It’s psychological crime read, mainly because the psyche of the killer takes a leading role in the narrative. Even they find it hard to distinguish between truth and perceived reality. Nobody is safe, everyone who fits in the profile is a potential victim, even if that person is someone Ziggy has a close connection to.

You know what it feels like when you become invested in a character, even if it’s the hilarious sidekick animal, and the author acts like a sociopath and just (can’t tell you that bit cos it’s a spoiler), because they know you will come back to find out what happened. Yeh that. I read the last sentences and had to go back and make sure I hadn’t read it wrong. Man, that’s cold.

On the plus side it means readers will get to read more of this series.

Buy The Web They Wove at Amazon Uk or go to Goodreads for any other retailer. Publisher : Crime Publishing Network pub date 28 May 2021. Buy at Amazon com.

#BlogTour Bad Blood by Heather Atkinson

It’s my turn on the BlogTour Bad Blood by Heather Atkinson.

About the Author

Heather Atkinson is the author of over fifty books – predominantly in the crime fiction genre.  Although Lancashire born and bred she now lives with her family, including twin teenage daughters, on the beautiful west coast of Scotland.   Her new gangland series for Boldwood, set on the fictional Gallowburn estate in Glasgow began with Blood Brothers in December 2020.

Follow @HeatherAtkinso1 on Twitteron Instagramon Bookbub, on Facebookon Amazon, Visit heatheratkinsonbooks.com

About the book

If you can’t trust your family, who can you trust…? Glasgow gangster Jamie Gray and his fellow Blood Brothers rule the Gallowburn Estate with an iron fist. No one messes around on their turf without consequences. 

But when Jamie’s erstwhile dad, Jason Gray, reappears after many years away – some of them spent behind bars – the Blood Brothers are drawn into the murky and dangerous world of the toughest gangster of them all – The Queen of Glasgow, Toni McVay.  

Toni is the head of the most powerful organised crime family in Scotland and, as the psychotic leader enjoys scooping out the eyeballs of those who displease her, Jamie has no option but to do her bidding.

 With the love of his life Allegra still missing, his enemies closing in, and his family’s safety at risk, Jamie Gray faces the battle of his life.  But with his father’s bad blood running through his veins, and the bravery and brains he has inherited from his mother Jackie, Jamie has all the tools he needs to survive.


This is the second book in the Gallowburn series, both of which can be read as standalone novels. Jamie is still shaken from his experiences with his girlfriend and her father, and the last thing he needs is his deadbeat Dad turning up to stir things up.

Think estate hooligans morphing slowly into more serious criminals. Low-level crime builds up until the crimes become more serious, even if they fall under the self-titled umbrella and idea of Robin Hood. Jamie and his boys say they are keeping the neighbourhood, family and friends safe by making a violent stand in regards to other vandals or criminals in their area.

It’s a gritty urban crime read with a small estate feel to it. The main character is one who conjures up understanding and empathy, but in equal measures the feeling that he is a powder keg waiting to explode. It’s as if he walks a thin line between law abiding and way beyond the law.

Atkinson straddles different subgenres and demographics in my opinion. I can see this being a series that NA and YA readers are drawn to, and also just in general adult readers. Being inside Jamie’s head and emotional turmoil, but also the young delinquent vibe is probably what will attract a younger readership.

As the series progresses will Jamie and his friends move beyond all of the above and begin to wander even further into a life of crime and prison or will he, much like many young offenders. be able to pull his life on a straighter path? Will Atkinson go full gangland or not – it will be interesting to see where it goes.

Buy Bad Blood at Amazon Uk or go to Goodreads for any other retailer. Publisher : Boldwood Books pub date 1 Jun. 2021. Buy at Amazon com.

#BlogTour Maltese Steel by Stuart Field

 It’s my turn on the BlogTour Maltese Steel by Stuart Field.

About the Author

Stuart Field is a veteran who now works in security after serving twenty-two years in the British Army. As well as working full time he writes in his spare time. Stuart was born and raised in the West Midlands in the UK. His love for travel has been an inspiration in some of his work with his John Steel thriller series. As well as future John Steel novels, Stuart is working on a new series and standalone novels. Follow @StuartField14 on Twitter, on Facebookon Goodreads, Visit stuartfieldcrime.com

About the book

A woman is found dead on the island of Gozo. The cops say she fell from the Azure Window tourist spot, but her father thinks otherwise. CIA Section Chief Foster needs help to prove it was murder, so he turns to the only person he knows can get the job done: John Steel.

The Hive, securely seated under the US Embassy on the island of Malta, is an operation that monitors all passage from North Africa and the Middle East into Europe and the US. A platform that requires the latest in technology and facial recognition.

In seven days, that software will be updated. In two days, all hell will break loose. And the clock is ticking for an attack on American soil. Together with the beautiful Sammara Malk of Mossad, can Steel find out who killed Lucy – and stop whoever is behind the impending attack?


In this book I think more than ever the reader gets to see the two sides of Steel. The man he was before his own life was turned upside down and the man he subsequently became. The cold unfeeling expert only lets his warmer side shine through now and again. It just won’t do to let anyone perceive any weakness on his behalf. Not even old friends.

Saying that he is also incredibly loyal and when his comrade-in-arms calls in his hour of need Steel doesn’t hesitate to rush to his aid. He pulls out all the stops to discover whether his goddaughter fell to her death of her own accord or was she helped?

It’s a crime come espionage story with a main character who really doesn’t give two monkeys what people think of him. The end justifies the means, right. I guess that is what makes Steel such an interesting character, the fact he completely ignores all the rules to get results. His enemies underestimate his tenacity – he is like a dog with a bone. A bone he is willing to set fire to if needed.

It’s in need of a really good edit. I can see readers getting hung up on that and not being able to enjoy the story because of the mistakes, flow and structure. It could possibly just be a question of the wrong kindle edition being uploaded though, because I have read others by Field and not encountered any problems.

It’s a fast paced crime series with a bite. Field appears to be letting Steel drift into a more sinister, dark and ruthless direction, which is fine when it comes to the perpetrators and them getting what they deserve, but it would be a pity to see what’s left of his humanity disappear. 

Buy Maltese Steel at Amazon Uk or go to Goodreads for any other retailer. Publisher : Terminal Velocity – A Next Chapter Imprint; pub date 20 Feb. 2021. Buy at Amazon com.

#BlogBlitz Retribution by Christina O’Reilly

It’s my turn on the BlogBlitz Retribution by Christina O’Reilly.

About the Author

Christina is a writer and professional proofreader living in the Waikato region of New Zealand. Four of her short stories have been published, one in a magazine and the others in anthologies produced by Page and Blackmore, Rangitawa Publishing and most recently in Fresh Ink: Voices from Aotearoa, produced by Cloud Ink Press. 

As well as being a finalist in the 2020 Ngaio Marsh Awards, Christina’s first crime novel Into the Void was longlisted for the 2019 Michael Gifkins Memorial Prize for an unpublished novel. Follow Christina on Facebook

About the book

A young woman has been murdered on Ripton Beach. DSS ‘Archie’ Baldrick and DC Ben Travers eventually identify the body as that of Lucy Martin, who has been renting a bach in the area. Her husband, Oliver, seems to know very little about his wife or her background. 

What was Lucy hiding? Why has she no family or friends? As the number of suspects mounts up, Archie begins to conclude that the real answer lies in Lucy’s dark and mysterious past, and that the murderer may be just a little too close for comfort …


When DSS Archie Baldrick is called to the case of the death of a young woman, he as no idea how difficult it will be to find out what happened to her and who she really is. Archie is difficult character though. He is what I would call, and yes it absolutely is a cop out at times, very much a man of the era he was brought up in. Some of the things he says are said with the best intention, but are politically incorrect.

His reaction to the possibility of same gender sex and throwing it out there that it may not be natural for instance. The majority of us would be repulsed at the thought of someone breaching our inner sanctum, but whether a same sex or opposite gender couple has done so is irrelevant.

Then the whole ponytail victim blaming. Yes women do certain things to keep themselves safe, and there never seems be a shortage of people telling women/girls how to look and what to wear, so as not to attract the wrong kind of attention. We shouldn’t have to or be trained to be less of a temptation to rapists, deviants and killers.

Blaming the abuse victim for a perpetrators further crimes, due to the victim not reporting it to the police. Views like that are probably why he struggles in his role as a father to two young women. His genuine concern masks how outdated his views are.

It’s a crime story that grows on you and gets more intricate as the tale goes on. A simple possible accidental death evolves into murder and then into a story of deception, redemption and ultimately retribution. The question is whether it really is retribution.

Buy Retribution at Amazon Uk or go to Goodreads for any other retailer. Buy at Amazon com.

#BlogTour A Knot of Sparrows by Cheryl Rees-Price

It’s my turn on the BlogTour A Knot of Sparrows by Cheryl Rees-Price.

About the Author

Cheryl Rees-Price was born in Cardiff and moved as a young child to a small ex-mining village on the edge of the Black Mountain range, South Wales, where she still lives with her husband, daughters and cats. After leaving school she worked as a legal clerk for several years before leaving to raise her two daughters.

Cheryl returned to education, studying philosophy, sociology, and accountancy whilst working as a part time book keeper. She now works as a finance director for a company that delivers project management and accounting services.

In her spare time Cheryl indulges in her passion for writing, the success of writing plays for local performances gave her the confidence to write her first novel. Her other hobbies include walking and gardening which free her mind to develop plots and create colourful characters.

 Follow @CherylreesPrice on Twitter, on FacebookFollow the Book Folks on Facebook,

About the book

Welsh detective Winter Meadows takes on a new murder case. There were a lot of things you could call Stacey Evans. And many of them would be true. And unprintable. But did she deserve to be murdered?

DI Winter Meadows has no doubt of the answer when he takes on the case. The crime was violent. The victim helpless. But the motives are many, and the only clue is a strange word left on Stacey’s body.

DI Meadows struggles to pierce the secrecy surrounding the teenager’s busy love life. Was the killer one of her pursuers acting out of jealousy? Maybe someone’s wife seeking revenge?

But as each suspect is excluded from the enquiry, and other markings turn up, Meadows is convinced that something more sinister is afoot. When another body is found, a veil of silence descends like a fog upon Gaer Fawr. What more will it take for the village to give up its secrets?

A Knot of Sparrows is the fourth standalone title in a series of murder mysteries by best-selling author Cheryl Rees-Price. It will appeal to fans of David Pearson, L J Ross, John Dean, Joy Ellis, and Pippa McCathie.

The full list of books is as follows: the Silent Quarry, Frozen Minds, Suffer the Children and A Knot of Sparrows. Cheryl Rees-Price is also the author of the standalone thriller Blue Hollow. All of these books are FREE with Kindle Unlimited and available in paperback from Amazon.


If you are a bad person, a truly despicable piece of garbage who has blood on their hands – do you deserve death? I guess that is one of those ethical and controversial questions. Stacey Evans falls into the category of not quite innocent, so does she deserve to be stalked and murdered?

You’d think everyone would be absolutely invested in finding her killer and yet her actions whilst alive means a lot of people aren’t that sorry, despite the brutal nature of her death.

I have to be honest, for the majority of the book I was wondering about the title and how it relates to the plot. Then in the last few chapters I was like – oh right, now I get it. In fact kudos to the author for that clever wee plot twist. It was a bit like a certain Christie mystery crime reaching the final crescendo.

I kind of liked the chaos of the plot. DI Meadows is a bit like a headless chicken at times. The crimes, the alibis, the motives – none of it makes sense. Here and there a piece of the puzzle slots into a possible scenario only to be discounted further down the line. Even the reader starts to wonder who the heck dunnit? That’s part of the fun though.

That’s not taking away from the seriousness of the crime plot though, which is an interesting play on hive mentality.

Buy A Knot of Sparrows at Amazon Uk or go to Goodreads for any other retailer. Publisher : The Book Folks – publishers of bestselling Welsh crime fiction pub date 28 Feb. 2021. Buy at Amazon com.