First Time in Forever by Sarah Morgan


I know I have probably said this before, but Sarah Morgan really has this knack of pulling on your heartstrings. She knows exactly how and when to pull them in her stories.

Emily is thrown for a loop by the events of the last few months. She has gone from being a single career woman to the guardian of a very young child.

She is trying to avoid the press at all costs, and to do so she has escaped to a place no person will look for them. Emily is also stricken with a phobia of water, which comes to a head on Puffin Island. Yes, that’s right an island. The areas of land that tend to be surrounded by a large body of water.What on earth could go wrong?

Into this chaotic mess of emotions steps the very handsome and terribly supportive Ryan. Right place, right time and an electric attraction between the two of them makes for a lovely romantic read.

Ryan helps her to face her fears and stay safe. Unfortunately he also wants her, but doesn’t want her baggage.
What Morgan does describe perfectly is the way islanders act and think. Once they accept someone into the inner fold, and as one of the islanders, then they are willing to help and protect them in any way possible.

Makes sense when you think about the fact that many islands are left to their own devices, and are often cut off from the rest of the world in extreme weather situations. They learn to depend on and watch out for each other.

I think Emily is actually looking for the sense of family and safety she has inadvertently found on Puffin Island. She can finally leave the dysfunctional darkness of her own family and her past behind her. Being a part of whole instead of just a single unit.

Once again Sarah Morgan has managed to create the perfect combination of romantic tension, heartbreak, longing and emotional turbulence, with strong memorable characters and a heart-warming plot.

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Feral Child by Che Golden


It is reminiscent of the Iron Fey by Kagawa. Young girl sets off on a rescue mission and has to deal with an evil Fae queen.
Although suitable for younger readers there are some creatures and scenes that may be a little too vicious. Then again these are the Fae of myth and folklore and not the dust sprinkling kind.

Maddy is the perfect vessel for future faerie assaults and possible friction between the real world and the Fae world. Her inner anger and desire to be with her parents consumes her from the inside, and it is those emotions, which make her such a vulnerable target.

Not that Maddy seems vulnerable, far from it. She has a stuff it and stuff you attitude, which isn’t going down well with her relatives. She seems to be a hard-nosed troublemaker and does her hardest to keep that particular image alive. In reality she is a scared, lonely and hurt little girl.

On one of her many disgruntled ‘I will do as I like, where I like’ walks she accidentally awakens the ire of an otherworldly being and ends up being drawn into the murky world of the Fae.

The relationship between the children changes during the journey. They start to trust each other and the first layers of friendship begin to grow between them.

This promises to be an entertaining series with spirited characters and dangerous adventures.
I received a copy of this book via Edelweiss.