#CoverReveal The Charm Bracelet by Ella Allbright

It’s a pleasure to share the cover for The Charm Bracelet by Ella Allbright!

About the Author

A self-confessed reading addict, Ella Allbright writes commercial women’s fiction set in her beautiful home county of Dorset. Her first novel in this genre, The Charm Bracelet will be published in August 2020 by One More Chapter, an imprint of HarperCollins, and she’s currently hard at work on her next book. Ella is represented by agent Hattie Grünewald at The Blair Partnership, who represent J.K. Rowling.

Ella also writes as Nikki Moore, the author of the popular #LoveLondon romance series. A number of the novellas featured in the Top 100 short story charts on Kobo and the Top 20 in the Amazon UK bestsellers Holiday chart, and in 2018 the collection was released in Italy. Her first published work was the short story A Night to Remember in the best selling Mills & Boon / RNA anthology Truly, Madly, Deeply. Her debut romance Crazy, Undercover, Love was shortlisted for the RNA Joan Hessayon Award 2015.

When not writing or reading, she can be found working in her HR day job, walking the family’s cute beagle puppy or watching a Netflix series!

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About the book

A moving and heartwarming love story perfect for fans of Me Before You and One Day in December…

Leila’s charm bracelet tells a story of love, a story of loss, a story of hope. This is the story of her … and the story of Jake.

When Leila Jones loses her precious charm bracelet and a stranger finds it, she has to tell the story of how she got the charms to prove she’s the owner. Each and every one is a precious memory of her life with Jake.

So Leila starts at the beginning, recounting the charms and experiences that have led her to the present. A present she never could have expected when she met Jake nearly twenty years ago…

Published by One More Chapter, an imprint of HarperCollins UK

Pre-order Ecopy pub date 21 August 2020Paperback pub date 12 November 2020. Publisher: One More Chapter. Pre-order on Amazon comBuy/Pre-order on Googleor Waterstones

#BlogTour Five Wakes and a Wedding by Karen Ross

It’s my turn on the BlogTour Five Wakes and a Wedding by Karen Ross.

About the Author

As a former journalist, broadcaster and advertising copywriter, Karen Ross has followed a fairly traditional path into writing fiction.   Five Wakes and a Wedding is her fourth book, and like its predecessors, the novel has two common threads:  the setting is London’s Primrose Hill – Karen’s own neighbourhood – and one of the characters is a dog . . . this time he’s called Chopper and he’s almost the same size as a Shetland Pony

Karen has been self-employed for many years, and continues to work as a marketing consultant, in the absence of an offer to manage Tottenham Hotspur.  By way of credentials, her other ‘job’ is trading profitably on the world’s first football stockmarket, a platform called Football Index, where you buy and sell players with real money.

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About the book

Undertaker Nina Sherwood is full of good advice. For example, never wear lip gloss when you’re scattering ashes.

Nina is your average 30-year-old with a steady job, a nice home – and dead bodies in her basement. As an undertaker, she often prefers the company of the dead to the living – they’re obliging, good listeners and take secrets to the grave.

Nina is on a one-woman mission to persuade her peers that passing on is just another part of life. But the residents of Primrose Hill are adamant that a funeral parlour is the last thing they need… and they will stop at nothing to close down her dearly beloved shop.

When Nina’s ‘big break’ funeral turns out to be a prank, it seems like it’s the final nail in the coffin for her new business. That is, until a (tall, dark and) mysterious investor shows up out of the blue, and she decides to take a leap of faith. Because, after all, it’s her funeral…

The perfect antidote to all those books about weddings, this book will make you laugh until you cry, perfect for fans of Zara Stoneley’s Bridesmaids, Four Weddings and a Funeral and The Good Place.


At the beginning I think there is this subconscious expectation of making sure there are five wakes and eventually even a wedding, but the truth is you get so caught up in the read that they pass by without you realising it.

Nina’s business is making sure the dead get the send-off they want and deserve. She sets up shop in Primrose Hill with the hope that her investment will pay out eventually. What she isn’t expecting is so much confrontation and determination to close her down and run her business out of the neighbourhood. They will stop at nothing to get rid of the upbeat business owner with creative ideas on the final journey.

She also wasn’t expecting to meet a very attractive investor, who tries to sweep her off her feet. The question is whether he is too good to be true.

It’s a snarky romcom – a fun introduction to life before death and death itself.

I wasn’t sure about the motive for opposing Happy Endings – not wanting to be confronted with death, perhaps because I have a more relaxed approach to it. I loved the way Ross takes the opportunity to take away a little bit of the fear and uncertainty by introducing something more than just the bog standard goodbye.

Around that she creates a lovely story about a determined young woman who moves over, under and through all the obstacles in her way without even blinking.

Buy Five Wakes and a Wedding at Amazon Uk or go to Goodreads for any other retailer. Publisher: HQ – One More Chapter; pub date 19 Sept. 2019. Buy at Amazon com.

#BlogBlitz A Dozen Second Chances by Kate Field

Today it’s a pleasure to take part in the BlogTour A Dozen Second Chances by Kate Field.About the Author

Kate Field writes contemporary women’s fiction, mainly set in her favourite county of Lancashire where she lives on the edge of the moors with her husband, daughter and cat. Her debut novel won the Romantic Novelists’ Association Joan Hessayon Award for new writers.

About the book

What are the chances that twelve little tokens could change a life?

Seventeen years ago, Eve Roberts had the wonderful life she’d always dreamed of: a degree in archaeology, a gorgeous boyfriend, and exciting plans to travel the world with him, working on digs. But when her sister Faye died, the life Eve knew ended too. Faye’s daughter Caitlyn came to live with Eve, her boyfriend left, and she quickly gave up on her dreams.

Now approaching her fortieth birthday, Eve faces the prospect of an empty nest as Caitlyn is leaving home. Caitlyn gives Eve a set of twelve ‘Be Kind to Yourself’ vouchers, telling her that she has to start living for herself again, and that she should fill one in every time she does something to treat herself.

With her very first voucher, Eve’s life will change its course. But with eleven more vouchers to go, can Eve learn to put herself first and follow the dreams she’s kept secret for so long? Because life is for living – and as she well knows, it’s too short to waste even a moment…


The course of her life, according to Eve, has been dictated by the choices she made in the wake of a traumatic event. She never expected to be put into a position of becoming a mother to her niece. There are no regrets, but she has definitely put her love life on the back burner.

Caitlyn, who is off on her own adventures now leaves twelve vouchers for Eve in an attempt to get her to enjoy life a little bit more. Eve doesn’t really have to try very hard to use them, because some things just fall into place so naturally.

Including someone from the past coming back into her life. Someone who left her when she needed his support the most. A man unwilling to put his needs aside for the sake of a young child. So when he is thrust back into her universe she instinctively wants to take off running in the other direction.

He has other ideas and slowly worms his way back in, which makes everyone happy until an innocent encounter reveals a dark secret he has been hiding from everyone. The kind that destroys fragile newly rebuilt relationships.

It’s a contemporary read about family, self-discovery and relationships. Field bounces around the topic of what family is in our day and age. The days of mother, father and 2.4 children are long gone. Blood ties and titles no longer define familial relationships. One parent families are no longer an occasional occurrence or deemed as something to be embarrassed about.

The author always keeps the story on a more serious level. There are moments of laughter, but in general I think the more anxious and painful emotions set the tone of the piece.

Buy A Dozen Second Chances at Amazon Uk or go to Goodreads for any other retailer. Publisher: HQ – One More Chapter; pub date 6 Feb. 2020. Buy at WHSmithFoylesBook DepositoryKobo.

The Last Letter from Juliet by Melanie Hudson

This is going back quite a few decades, but this reminded me of the television series A Man Called Intrepid. Romance, intrigue and the world of spydom set around WW2.  In this case it is also about women’s empowerment and their role in supporting their countries during the war.

Katherine is enticed or persuaded to go down to Cornwall for Christmas. She is invited to stay in a holiday cottage owned by Juliet. Whilst there she finds notes and letters written by Juliet to remind herself of her own past, memories and those she loves and loved the most.

Letters written as reminders to a woman who fears she will one day forget everything she has experienced and more importantly forget the heartache and the love she experienced. Katherine finds herself captivated by the stories Juliet has left behind.

The story wanders from Katherine in the present to the beautiful story of Juliet in the past. It’s the gripping heartfelt story of an incredibly brave and determined woman and the man she falls in love with. It’s also a glimpse at the women of the Air Transport Auxiliary service during the Second World War.

Hudson captures those stolen moments in dangerous and desperate times. It’s a love story and a story about loyalty, support and the love of flying. I enjoyed the way Hudson let Juliet’s story play out. It was beautiful, nostalgic and emotional.

It’s historical fiction with a charming love story at the core.

Buy The Last Letter from Juliet at Amazon UK or go to Goodreads for any other retailer. Publisher: One More Chapter; pub date 23 Aug. 2019. Buy at Amazon com.

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#BlogTour The Summer House in Santorini by Samantha Parks

Today it’s my turn on the BlogTour The Summer House in Santorini by Samantha Parks. It’s a romance, women’s fiction and a charming contemporary read.

About the Author

Samantha Parks is the pen name of Sam Gale. Her pen name comes from her late grandmother Velma Hobbs nee Parks, who was one of Sam’s greatest role models. Sam was born in North Carolina but now resides in Bournemouth, UK with her husband Alex. She owns a successful marketing company and is enjoying her slow descent into “crazy plant lady” status.

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About the book

One summer in Greece will change everything…

Anna’s running away. From a failed relationship, a dead-end career and a complicated family life.

On the island of Santorini, with its picturesque villas, blue-tiled roofs, and the turquoise waters of the Aegean lapping at the white sand beaches, Anna inherits a less-than-picturesque summer house from her estranged father. As she rebuilds the house, she rebuilds her life, uncovering family secrets along the way that change everything. She starts to fall for her little slice of paradise, as well as for gorgeous, charming Nikos.

Will Anna lose her heart in more ways than one?


What’s not to fall in love with in Santorini? Parks does a great job of setting the scene and surroundings in this lovely and heartfelt story.

Anna travels to the home of her absentee and deadbeat now deceased father to sort out the inheritance he left for Anna and her sister. A summer house, which is attached to the boundaries of the land of her grandparents. The houses and the people are unequivocally connected like invisible cords. Threads that are drawn through love and bonds.

As she discovers her love for the place and the people she also discovers some hard home truths about the tattered and destructive marriage of her parents. How she and her sister became the victims of their right fighting.

Parental alienation is a controversial topic, but also one that is getting more attention in the last few years. It destroys lives, childhoods and families. The majority of the time those relationships can’t be fixed or salvaged. Luckily some manage to adjust and leave the past behind them to move forward with newly defined relationships.

This story shows the destruction, the pain and the gaping emotional holes that are the result of parental alienation. It’s a beautiful emotional tale about love, coming to terms with the past and unresolved issues, and finding peace and happiness.

It’s a romance, women’s fiction and a charming contemporary read. Parks draws readers in with the essence of the people, the country, the food and the culture. Then in equal measures she mixes it together with the more tempered attitude of Brits abroad. The result is an enticing story, the perfect read for any time and in any place.

Buy The Summer House in Santorini at Amazon Uk or go to Goodreads for any other retailer. Publisher: One More Chapter; pub date 7 Aug. 2019. Buy at Amazon com.