Her Dirty Little Secret by J.C. Harroway

dirty little secretHer Dirty Little Secret is the second book by J.C. Harroway for the shiny new Mills & Boon DARE imprint, by the way the new covers are stunning.

Harley is held back by her insecurities and fears. She thinks everyone sees her through the same lens as her father, who thinks she is lazy, stupid and not exactly a great representation of their talented family. She struggles with her dyslexia on a daily basis, because her parent always makes her feel inferior and different.

When her childhood crush strolls back into her life she also believes he judges her for the same reasons. Every sentence and thought is permeated with the fear of failure, especially when it comes to doing business. Harley is eager to establish her own business reputation, so Jack is both an annoying and simultaneously  very appealing distraction.

Harroway turns up the heat to scorching in this wee romantic delight of a story. The two main characters spend quite a lot of time doing the horizontal tango and quite a number of other suave bedroom moves. Be prepared for breathless and passionate moments with these very feisty characters.

This author combines serious topics with subtle eroticism and fiery romances. It’s a very readable combination, and puts the zest in the Dare series.

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#BlogTour The Duchess Deal by Tessa Dare

Today it is my pleasure to take part in the BlogTour for The Duchess Deal by Tessa Dare. It’s an amusing Regency romance that should come with a warning, so bare that in mind if you get a little hot around the collar whilst reading it.

About the Author

Tessa Dare is the New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of fourteen historical romance novels and five novellas. Her books have won numerous accolades, including Romance Writers of America’s prestigious RITA® award (twice) and the RT Book Reviews Seal of Excellence. Booklist magazine named her one of the “new stars of historical romance,” and her books have been contracted for translation in more than a dozen languages.

Mixing wit, sensuality, and emotion, Tessa writes Regency-set romance novels that feel relatable to modern readers. With her bestselling “Spindle Cove” and “Castles Ever After” series, she has had great fun creating heroines who defy the conventions of their time—engaging in “unladylike” pursuits that range from paleontology to beer-making—and dreaming up the strong-willed, sexy heroes who find their hearts ensnared by them.

A librarian by training and a booklover at heart, Tessa makes her home in Southern California, where she lives with her husband, their two children, and a trio of cosmic kitties.

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About the book

‘I am a Duke. I’m not asking you to marry me. I am offering to marry you. It’s a different thing entirely.’

When the Duke of Ashbury returns from war scarred, he realises he needs an heir – which means he needs a wife! When Emma Gladstone, a vicar’s daughter turned seamstress visits wearing a wedding dress, he decides on the spot that she’ll do.

His terms are simple: They will be husband and wife by night only. No lights, no kissing. No questions about his battle scars. Last, and most importantly… Once she’s pregnant with his heir, they need never share a bed again.

But Emma is no pushover. She has secrets and some rules of her own: They will have dinner together every evening. With conversation. And teasing. Last, and most importantly… Once she’s seen the man beneath the scars, he can’t stop her from falling in love…

When a girl meets a Duke, their marriage breaks all the rules…


Ash is convinced no woman will ever want him or love him, who wants to be intimate with a monster? He has convinced himself that his physical scars will repulse everyone, especially any potential love interests. Emma sees the man behind the horrific scars and finds herself falling for the stubborn aristocrat.

Emotional attachment isn’t part of the deal though. Not according to the deal the two of them have agreed to. It includes an heir to the dukedom, a lot of teasing, and definitely under no circumstances shall there be any kissing. Not an easy task when you’re in the throes of passion.

The Duchess Deal has an equal amount of passion and playfulness, including a house full of scheming staff invested in Emma and Ash, and their very peculiar relationship. At the same time the read is hotter than a chilli pepper. An excellent balancing act of charm, wit and desire.

Lovers of Regency romances want to experience the moments of illicit passion, the moments when there is a sharp intake of a breath just before the feisty beautiful woman is kissed passionately by the debonair gentleman. There are some authors who also manage to infuse the wicked and the saucy with a sense of humour, and that is the core essence of a standout Regency novel. Tessa Dare certainly knows how to combine the hot and heavy horizontal tango with a quick witted humorous dialogue.

Instead of relying on all of the usual clichés and the sometimes stuffy repertoire of this genre, the author has fun with the characters and the plot. This sense of adventure and joie de vivre can be felt throughout the book. Tessa Dare elicits amused snorts and accelerated heartbeats in equal measure.

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#BlogTour A Week to be Wild by J.C. Harroway

a week to be wild2

#MillsandBoonmakeover #MillsandBoonDare #HarlequinDare #IamLovingthenewCovers

A Week to be Wild by J.C. Harroway is kicking off and introducing the new and improved face of Mills & Boon, which was launched by Gerald Mills and Charles Boon and started off as the romance imprint of Harlequin UK Ltd in 1908. That means Mills & Boon have been enthralling their readers for 110 years.

The publisher, a subsidiary of Harlequin Enterprises Ltd, operates as a division of Harper Collins. Mills & Boon has grown to become the UK’s undisputed market leader in romance fiction publishing, entrenched in the hearts and minds of its avid readership.

Now an imprint of Harper Collins, Mills & Boon is starting 2018 off with a mega boom and a brand revamp, which includes their new DARE series.

DARE ~ Sexy. Passionate. Bold. A brand new, searingly sexy romance series written by women for women, the Mills & Boon DARE series will feature strong, empowered women who take the lead – be it in the boardroom or the bedroom – and enjoy great sex on their terms.

About the Author

“Writing love because the world always needs more…” J.C. Harroway

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About the book

Harlequin DARE, a new romance series featuring strong, independent women and sizzling hot heroes. Harlequin DARE stories push the boundaries of sexual explicitness while keeping the focus on the developing romantic relationship.

A daring game of temptation

She’ll play his game—but only by her rules!

Alex Lancaster is an adrenaline junkie. He’s also a sexy British billionaire who should come with his own warning signs. When Libby insists she is done with men who live on the edge, Alex coaxes her out of her comfort zone—professionally and very, very personally. Libby’s taking a high-stakes gamble, but the pay-off could win her everything…


You might want to have your hand fan or battery powered handheld fan at the ready for this one. It might just get your pulse racing and your temperature a’rising to a level that might necessitate a cool breeze.

Libby is a strong independent business woman, who has put her love life on hold for the last few years to concentrate on herself and her business. She is also recovering from a traumatic event that has made her cautious about close romantic relationships, but hey having a little fun when you’re hot under the collar isn’t forbidden. Which is exactly what goes through her head when she meets the wealthy and handsome Alex. Suddenly being all professional is the last thing on her mind and all she can think about is this man who has got all her synapses firing on full power.

In the midst of all the horizontal tangoing, the passionate encounters and provocative game-playing the two of them start to develop a real emotional connection. The kind of connection Libby is still shying away from. The only reason she hasn’t started to run yet is the fact Alex has managed, for the first time in a long time, to help her to experience the rush of life.

The new DARE series doesn’t just cater to the reader who believes in the excitement of love, butterflies in their stomach and the heat of a blush rising to their cheeks. They also cater to the ones wanting the thrill of the chase, the excitement of sexual attraction and the hotter than hot interactions between the characters.

Harroway brings exactly the right amount of romance, sexual tension and eroticism to bring pleasure to the readers. Yes, that pun was intentional. It gets really racy and is superbly tempestuous. It might even elicit a gasp or two while you read.

This is pocket-sized passion that fits in your handbag, so you can enjoy a titillating read whenever and wherever you want. Mills & Boon for the 21st century woman.

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Read Her Dirty Little Secret by J.C. Harroway


Upcoming Blog-Tour: The Chic Boutique on Baker Street by Rachel Dove

How exciting! I get to kick off the Blog-Tour for the fantastic The Chic Boutique on Baker Street by Rachel Dove on the 18th of April. There will be Q&A’s, reviews and guest reviews.

So you can follow the Tour and read what my fellow bloggers have to say about The Chic Boutique on Baker Street I have included links to their blogs. Follow the author on Twitter @WriterDove @Millsandboon or follow Rachel Dove on Facebook, you can also follow her on Goodreads

18th cherylmmbookblog.blogspot.co.uk and here

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22nd josbookjourney.wordpress.com and lozzasbookcorner.blogspot.co.uk

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Hope to see you here on the 18th for the start of the Blog-Tour and for my review!

The Scandal Behind the Wedding by Bella Frances

download (12)

Sometimes you just have to accept it when fate decides to place the woman or man of your dreams in your path. It may not be when you expect it or the person you might have expected, but when it does happen you should maybe just go with the flow.

When it comes to Georgia she just can’t cope with any kind of unexpected flow. She likes to know where she is going and have all situations under control, so she is like a wet kipper caught on dry land when she ends up at a dodgy escort party, which is supposed to be a singles extravaganza.

Unfortunately smooth businessman Danny finds himself in the same predicament. A quick exit is needed pronto. He can’t afford to be associated with any kind of scandal, but there just happens to be this intoxicating helpless looking female, who has captured his attention.

The two of them end up making a rash decision with enormous consequences. Their mutual attraction becomes muddied by paperwork and contracts. Their physical and emotional attachment is blurred by the confines of their business relationship. They both need to wake up and smell the roses. Act upon gut instinct instead adhering to rules and regulations.

Frances has written a snazzy little romance with plenty of power and emotion.

Blog Tour ‘The Doris Day Vintage Film Club by Fiona Harper April 20th – 26th

Looking forward to the blog tour this week. I will be featuring a Q & A with Fiona Harper and talking about her new book The Doris Day Vintage Film Club

doris1Kicking off the tour on

Monday the 20th is readinginthesunshine.wordpress.com

Tuesday the 21st is erins-choice.blogspot.co.uk

Wednesday the 22nd on shazsbookboudoir.blogspot.co.uk

Thursday the 23rd on fabulousbookfiend.blogspot.co.uk

Friday the 24th right here at CherylM-M’s Book Blog

Saturday the 25th at bookaddictshaun.co.uk and also on bookishjottings.wordpress.com

and Sunday the 26th at lisatalksabout.com

Mills & Boon is also running a Pinterest competition #VintageFilmClub Pin it to Win it for The Doris Day Vintage Film Club, giving one reader the chance to win a Vintage makeover with stylists Lipstick & Curls for themselves and a friend.

I hope you manage to join myself and my fellow reviewers/ book-bloggers for a chat, review and questions about The Doris Day Vintage Film Club, and perhaps some of the Fiona’s answers in the Q&A’s will reveal equally interesting insights into the author.

All this is courtesy of Harlequin UK /Mills & Boon and of course Fiona Harper.

Dating the Enemy by Amber Page


Jessie and Nick clash when their companies end up campaigning for the same account. It doesn’t take long for the clashes to become fiery and tempting. Healthy competition soon turns to flirtation and whole lot more sizzling scenarios.

Jessie is also trying to cope with a medical condition linked to the tragic death of her mother. This makes her even more vulnerable during the very aggressive attack and takeover attempt by Nick’s father.

I liked the way the author slipped in a very subtle yet important message about breast cancer. No matter what age you are or what type of medical history you have, always do a self-examination. If you find something, always go to see your doctor.

Do not wait and do not talk yourself into thinking it will go away or it isn’t worth checking. Women are absolutely notorious for putting themselves and their medical needs after everything else, and for talking themselves into the fact that a possible something is probably a nothing. The message here is ‘do not ignore’ and better safe than sorry.

This is a spicy wee romance with quite a serious sub-plot mixed into the story. I received a copy of this book courtesy of Harlequin UK and Mills & Boon.

Breaking the Boss’s Rules by Nina Milne

download (14)

Hard to concentrate when you’re having hot and heavy dreams about your temporary boss. Quite an achievement to have a conversation with someone when you can’t help but imagine them naked. That is exactly the situation Imogen finds herself in. She can’t concentrate or look at him for that matter, which makes working together rather difficult.

They are thrown together by an eccentric client, who wants them to play house and honeymoon for a weekend to create the perfect getaway place for him. Of course that makes it much harder for Imogen and Joe to stay away from each other.

Joe and Imogen have a lot in common they just don’t realise it. Both have coloured pasts when it comes to relationships and neither of them have left those pasts behind them. Joe has an ex who still holds a flame, despite inviting him to her pending marriage. Imogen has been dumped in such a painful, public and embarrassing way, she is still trying to get over it.

They both have to climb over the misunderstandings and misconceptions of the past to be able to create a future together. It  can’t just be hot and heavy make-out sessions,well maybe it can.

I received a copy of this book courtesy of Harlequin UK and Mills & Boon.

Nine Month Countdown by Leah Ashton


Sometimes you meet someone in life and all it is meant to be is a fleeting moment in time. If that per chance encounter happens to be of the passionate variety, then that also is perhaps only to be a fond memory one dwells upon in later years.

Both Ivy and Angus believe their brief encounter is destined to be a moment of unbridled passion never to be repeated again. For Ivy it is an unexpected loss of control, and she hates relinquishing control to anyone else, even to her own desires.

Unfortunately life in general is like a box of chocolates and you never know what you’re going to get. In this case Ivy gets something she just hadn’t planned for. The kind of surprise that changes all her well thought out plans.

It just remains to be seen whether or not Angus will be willing to go along with her new plans, which focus around the surprise. Ivy isn’t quite sure what to do with the SAS soldier, who most certainly will not be controlled, led or ordered around by the savvy business executive.

I received a copy of this book courtesy of Harlequin UK and Mills & Boon.

Bridesmaid with Attitude by Christy McKellen

download (6)

He needs a pretend girlfriend to fool his mother and she needs a fake boyfriend to keep her job. Sound straightforward right? If there wasn’t that mega pesky physical attraction between them. A powerful  vibe they are both finding it hard to ignore.

Emily is feisty, knows what she wants and takes anyone she fancies a bite of. She has learnt to fend for herself since her family dropped her like a hot potatoe. Why? For looking and being very much like her mother. Certainly an unfair and judgemental reason to avoid a family member.

Theo is a broody, stubborn and passionate man, who finds Emily both infuriating and alluring. When her big mouth triggers a paparazzi frenzy and the truth about her past becomes national fodder, Theo has to choose between comforting or turning away from her.

This story is about a young woman living under the shadow of mental illness, having to deal with the misconceptions and harsh reactions of the ignorant. Nice little sub-plot there.

I received a copy of this book courtesy of Harlequin UK & Mills and Boon.