#BlogTour Meet Me in the Treehouse by Kelly Tink

Today it’s my turn on the BlogTour Mett Me in the Treehouse by Kelly Tink.

About the Author

Kelly Tink is a cancer nurse, writer and hopeless romantic, living in Cambridgeshire. She enjoys exploring fun outdoor places with her husband and two sons, especially if it involves eating ice cream by the sea. 

She’s an avid reader, loves a good film or TV series and drinks lots of tea. Meet Me in the Treehouse is Kelly’s debut novel. It would mean the world to Kelly if you would consider taking a few moments to write a review. These reviews let new readers know what you thought of Meet Me in the Treehouse. Thank you. 

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About the book

In their secret tree house, nine-year-old Emma and her best friend Chris made a promise: ‘You and me forever’. 

It’s been five years since Emma left her hometown with her soon to be ex-husband and eight years since the tragedy that taught her and Chris that nothing lasts forever.  

Now thirty, Emma is an unemployed nurse living back on her parents’ farm, her life in tatters. Chris, however, is finally healing and making a success of his family’s country estate. 

They step into their old friendship as if it were yesterday, but as Emma sets out to rebuild her life, will their past and Chris’s future throw her further off balance? 

Or will she find the happiness she left behind by returning to the treehouse? 


Emma has gone full circle and returned to the place and the emotions she ran away from in the first place. Grief sent her on a path that turned out to be a mistake, and one that rocked her world in a way she never expected it to. Now she is back – the question is whether she can remove herself from a vicious cycle of her own creation?

I think for me the emphasis was on Emma being able to acknowledge and be capable of building a life on her own terms and having strength without feeling as if she needs a partner to do so. Society often propels us into these stereotypical scenarios we are often unaware of. It’s the norm, hence everyone does it, which doesn’t mean it’s wrong, but it might not be right for everyone either.

Learning to cope with the destruction of stability, a sandcastle built on the dreams of grief and loneliness can destroy someone, and to be fair Emma comes quite close. Taking apart a knitted blanket she has enveloped herself with takes time, but stitch by stitch she starts to find comprehension and peace with in herself.

What Tink captures quite well, and I am sure there are plenty of readers who may see the main character as weak and tell her to just get over it, is that divorce is a traumatic experience. More so when it doesn’t happen in an amicable way. Not everyone is able to just gloss over it.

Also that to be successful in your next relationship you have to heal from the last one and more importantly examine how you contributed to the demise of the relationship, even if it is just enabling a certain complacency. Until then it is never a good idea to start a new one, because you will probably end up just running on the same hamster wheel again.

It’s a romantic read at heart and very much one about a woman taking stock of what is important to herself, her well-being and mental health, and not just what is important to other people.

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