#BlogTour Blood Metal Bone by Lindsay Cummings

It’s a pleasure to take part in the BlogTour Blood Metal Bone by Lindsay Cummings.

About the Author

Blood Metal Bone is the astounding new novel from New York Times best-selling author Lindsay Cummings. Follow @authorlindsayc on Twitter, on Goodreads, on Amazon, Visit lindsaycummingsbooks.com, Buy Blood Metal Bone

About the book

Her destiny was death. The shadows brought her back.

Wrongly accused of her brother’s murder, Sonara’s destiny was to die, sentenced to execution by her own mother. Punished and left for dead, the shadows have cursed her with a second life as a Shadowblood, cast out and hunted by society for her demon-like powers.

Now known as the Devil of the Deadlands, Sonara survives as a thief on the edge of society, fighting for survival on a quest to uncover what really happened to her brother and whether he is even dead at all…


Sonara is part of the revered Shadowbloods, and yet she is both despised and never accepted as one at the same time. Born to and by a mother who never wanted her, and treated like an unwanted skivvy. Not all of her half-siblings agree with the way she is mistreated though. Her brother, the heir to the kingdom shows her kindness, even if it has to be kept a secret.

When she is blamed for his untimely disappearance it is an instant death sentence and so begins the saga of Sonora. Her death is an end and a beginning. It’s a journey of discovery, of worlds untethered and to be explored. The darkness that follows and fuels Sonora leads her to the answers she desperately seeks.

Cummings has created a smorgasbord of fantasy and sci-fi with a hint of brutal medieval times. The result is an extremely dark and yet intellectually invigorating read. The reader goes from the intricate woven threads of fantasy world-building only to be swept away to the heavens as the author opens the door to the sci-fi element of the story. Just roll with it.

Based on the premise and plotting I wouldn’t be surprised to see this evolve into a series, however it absolutely can stand as a single piece of work. I would love to see Cummings delve into the Shadowblood and powers side of the story a bit more. Either way it is an engaging read.

Buy Blood Metal Bone at Amazon Uk or go to Goodreads for any other retailer. Publisher: HQ Young Adult pub date 7 Jan. 2021. Buy at Amazon com. At Hive. Bookshop org. Waterstones.

#BlogTour Nexus by Sasha Alsberg and Lindsay Cummings

Today it’s a pleasure to take part in the BlogTour Nexus, the sequel to Zenith of The Androma Saga by Sasha Alsberg and Lindsay Cummings. It’s space opera come dystopian sci-fi with elements of fantasy

About the Authors

When Sasha Alsberg isn’t writing, you can find her reading and filming videos for her Youtube Channel ABookUtopia. Follow @sashaalsberg on Twitter, on Goodreads, on Youtube, Visit sashaalsberg.com

Lindsay Cummings is the author of The Murder Complex series and the Balance Keeper series. She lives in Texas. Follow @authorlindsayc on Twitter,  on Goodreads, on Youtube, on Amazon, Visit lindsaycummingsbooks.com

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Buy NexusAbout the book

From the #1 New York Times bestselling authors of Zenith comes the dazzling finale to the Androma Saga, where stunning betrayals and devastating secrets expose an embattled galaxy to the ultimate nightmare.

Her ship is gone, her crew is capture and notorious mercenary Andi Racella is suddenly a fugitive, ruthlessly hunted across the galaxy. the bloodthirsty queen Nor now rules most of the galaxy and she’ll stop at nothing to destroy her most hated adversary.

Andi will risk anything, even her precious freedom to stop Nor. However as her crew fight to regain their freedom, Andi and her unlikely ally Dex discover a threat far greater than anything they’ve faced before.

Only by saving their mortal enemy can they make one last desperate strike to save the galaxy, unaware that a shattering, centuries-old secret may demand the most wrenching sacrifice of all.

In Zenith we meet an all-girl space crew, fighting for their survival in a galaxy run on lies and illusion where no-one can be trusted. With betrayals, sinister plans for revenge and the spectre of a war that could tear apart worlds, this space opera is full of action, fantastical intrigue, and not to forget a steamy star-crossed romance. nexus raises the stakes in this battle for survival, autonomy and freedom – will the battle demand the ultimate sacrifice?


This is the sequel to Zenith, the second part of the Androma Saga. It reminded me a little bit of the later books in the Red Rising series, the more space, planet hopping, and fighting of houses ones. Obviously this is more YA orientated, with a lot more twee energy and dialogues.

I would suggest reading the first in the series to get a better feeling for the entire cast of characters and the premise. It’s far too vast to just read one book, and come away with the entire story.

There is a focus on Andi in this book, especially on the darkness that appears to be consuming her from within. At certain points she feels she has to choose between the group and said darkness. It depends on which is more enticing and offers up a better solution in that moment.

It’s space opera come dystopian sci-fi with elements of fantasy. A fast paced adventure that starts out with a superbly delicious villain in the main role. The reader then watches as the moral dilemmas and the relationships force the villainous nature to retreat and the character re-evaluates what is more important to all, as opposed to just her.

It’s a way to introduce younger readers to the exciting genres of space opera, sci-fi and the complex world-building of the aforementioned. It’s often so fast that there is no time for character depth or deeper dialogue. I wonder what the read would be like if it had less of a spacious minute feel and more defining moments instead.

Buy Nexus at Amazon Uk or go to Goodreads for any other retailer. Publisher: HQ; pub date 13 May (ebook) and 13 June 2019 (paperback). Buy at Amazon com.