#BlogTour The Heron Kings’ Flight by Eric Lewis

It’s my turn on the BlogTour The Heron Kings’ Flight by Eric Lewis.

About the Author

Eric Lewis’ debut novel, The Heron Kings, is a grimdark adventure exploring rebellion and the dangers of obsessive revenge. Avoiding the monsters and magic common to high fantasy, the monsters here are all too human, and extraordinary groups of ordinary people can make their own kind of magic when they’ve finally had enough. The Heron Kings’ Flight is the second book in the series.

Eric has also written several works of speculative short fiction published in various venues including Nature, Cossmass Infinities, Electric Spec, Bards & Sages Quarterly, as well as the anthology Crash Code, the short story collection Tricks of the Blade, and others detailed at ericlewis.ink. Follow @TheHeronKing on Twitter

About the book

The Heron Kings have been betrayed. A century after their formation from a gang of desperate peasant insurgents, the shadowy band of forest rangers suffers a rare defeat when a skirmish turns into a bloody ambush. Their shaky truce with the crown is tested as young members Linet and Aerrus work to track down their enemies. When reluctant peacetime soldier Eyvind reveals a conspiracy to welcome the charismatic invader Phynagoras, the trio must convince a weak king and pitifully few allies to stand against the storm.

Their only hope lies in the forgotten tactics of their own guerrilla past, and a terrifying new alchemical weapon the likes of which the world had never imagined. The only question is which side will be destroyed by it first…


This is the second book in the Heron Kings’ series, although this can absolutely be read as a standalone book, I would highly recommend reading the first one.

There is massive twist at the end of the book, so I shall tread carefully with as little info as possible, whilst simultaneously trying to do the book justice. It’s a heck of a ride, an intricate plot with plenty of room to expand further with more books.

When Aerrus returns from his duties alone and without the rest of his faithful companions and fierce fighters he enlists the first person he encounters to return to get a bit of blood and revenge. Linet and Aerrus stumble upon something that points towards betrayal and a sense of impending doom. Their hidden community is at risk – the question is who is behind the insidious attack and why, the real question is why.

I think it’s fair to say the author is willing to pull out the big guns to keep readers captivated and coming back. Just a wee bit ruthless, but effective. I look forward to seeing where this series goes next – it has to, you can’t just leave a reader hanging after such a tumultuous read.

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#BlogTour The Heron Kings by Eric Lewis

Today it’s also an absolute pleasure to take part in the BlogTour The Heron Kings by Eric lewis.About the Author

By day Eric Lewis is a PhD research chemist weathering the latest rounds of mergers and layoffs and still trying to remember how to be a person again long after surviving grad school. In addition to subjecting his writing to one rejection after another, he can be found gathering to himself as many different sharp and pointies as possible and searching for the perfect hiking trail, archery range of single malt Scotch. Don’task where, because he’s never lived anywhere for longer than five years.

His short fiction has been published in Nature, Electric Spec, Allegory, Bards and Sages Quarterly, the anthologies Into Darkness Peering, Best Indie Speculative Fiction Vol.1 and Crash Code, as well as other venues detailed at ericlewis.inkThe Heron Kings is his first novel.

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About the book

Aftera warlord slaughters her patients, Sister Alessia quits the cloister and strikes out on her own to heal the victims of a brutal dynastic conflict. Her roaming forest camp unwittingly becomes the center of a vengeful peasant insurgency, raiding the forces of both sides to survive. Alessia struggles to temper their fury as well as tend wounds, consenting to ever greater violence to keep her new charges safe. When they uncover proof of a foreign conspiracy prolonging the bloodshed, Alessia risks the very lives she’s saved to expose the truth and bring the war to an end.


Alessia is no longer able to stand aside and watch the innocent be slaughtered, and the less than innocent of course. As a physic she must save lives, regardless of their affiliations. Not everyone agrees with her, which is why she decides to try and help to the tide of the war.

Ulnoth is scarred and a victim of the war-ton land he resides in. He wants revenge and blood. There is no space for forgiveness in his torn and bleeding heart. Together the two become a force to be reckoned with along with a merry bunch of renegades who fight with them.

It’s a conflict driven fantasy, a compelling read.

Lewis gives us plenty of rage and violence. Battles and slaying galore. Instead of having the band of warriors lean towards one side of the conflict, the Heron Kings take their own path. It’s very much one determined by personal pain, grief and a fierce will to see change. To set people free from this tedious and needless slaughter and constant battle for power.

Lewis gives us two damaged main characters who are forged together by the common denominator of anger. Loss and rage pave the way for both Alessia and Ulnoth. I would have like to have seen a little more fleshing out of the secondary characters, especially because in a fantasy world built on war the probability of death is pretty high. More depth for the merry band of followers.

Aside from that Lewis pens a riveting driven read, which often shows glimpses of light in the extreme quagmire of darkness.

Buy The Heron Kings at Amazon Uk or go to Goodreads for any other retailer. Publisher: Flame Tree Press: April 2020. Buy at Amazon com.