The Scandal Behind the Wedding by Bella Frances

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Sometimes you just have to accept it when fate decides to place the woman or man of your dreams in your path. It may not be when you expect it or the person you might have expected, but when it does happen you should maybe just go with the flow.

When it comes to Georgia she just can’t cope with any kind of unexpected flow. She likes to know where she is going and have all situations under control, so she is like a wet kipper caught on dry land when she ends up at a dodgy escort party, which is supposed to be a singles extravaganza.

Unfortunately smooth businessman Danny finds himself in the same predicament. A quick exit is needed pronto. He can’t afford to be associated with any kind of scandal, but there just happens to be this intoxicating helpless looking female, who has captured his attention.

The two of them end up making a rash decision with enormous consequences. Their mutual attraction becomes muddied by paperwork and contracts. Their physical and emotional attachment is blurred by the confines of their business relationship. They both need to wake up and smell the roses. Act upon gut instinct instead adhering to rules and regulations.

Frances has written a snazzy little romance with plenty of power and emotion.