#BlogTour Sleep Tight by C.S. Green

It’s an absolute pleasure to take part in the BlogTour Sleep Tight by C.S. Green

About the Author

Is a bestselling author of psychological thrillers and an award-winning writer of fiction for young people under the name Caroline Green. Written under the name Cass Green, her first novel for adults, the Woman Next Door, was a No.1 ebook bestseller, while the follow-up, In a Cottage in a Wood, was a USA Today bestseller and a Sunday Times top ten bestseller.

She is the writer in residence at East Barnet School and teaches courses for City University and Writers’ and Artist’ Yearbook. She lives in London with her family. Sleep Tight is the start of a new series featuring the UCIT.

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About the book

The nightmare is only just beginning… When DC Rose Gifford is called to investigate the death of a young woman suffocated in her bed, she can’t shake the feeling that there’s more to the attack than meets the eye.

It looks like a straightforward crime scene – but the police can’t find the killer. Enter DS Moody – an eccentric older detective who runs UCIT, a secret department of the Met set up to solve supernatural crimes. moody wants Rose to help her out – but Rose doesn’t believe in any of that. Does she?

As the killer prepares to strike again, Rose must pick a side  before a second woman dies.


You really expect readers to go to bed and sleep peacefully ever after, especially after this read? More like one eye open at all times from now on. Forget lavender, meditation, yoga and whatever other sleep aids anyone may use. From this point forward it is coffee, caffeine and matchsticks between the eyelids.

Rose is called to the scene of a locked room mystery. A young woman who has been murdered, a woman who screamed very night that someone was out to get her. Nobody believed her, nobody cam to save her – and she isn’t the only one.

What separates Rose from the herd is her intuition and the ability to think beyond the boundaries of what society dictates. Her dead mother, who tends to wander around her house, might not agree with that assessment or anything for that matter. Rose is in tune with some things others can’t connect with and she is unwilling to accept.

Cue the secret department of police who investigate those crimes nobody has an answer for. They might just have the answers Rose is looking for, both in the case she is investigating and her life in general.

This looks like the beginning of an interesting series. Combining crime with the supernatural is one thing, but having a sceptic who sees ghosts and other apparitions, and yet denies that fact completely – well that’s another thing entirely. Looking forward to seeing where this road leads us and how crotchety Moody and insecure sceptical Gifford combine forces in the future.

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