I’m Keeping You by Jane Lark

laekRachel faces an inner battle every day, actually make that two battles. Being bipolar is like riding an emotional roller-coaster. Ups and downs, from manic episodes to deep dark pits of depression.

The other daily fight is choosing between being medicated and feeling like a walking zombie, and not taking the meds and feeling like her normal self.

Her euphoric self nearly kills her son, which triggers concerns about her capabilities as a mother. Her ex raises his ugly egotistical head and threatens the happy family life Rachel has with Jason.

As is often the case Declan the ex is more interested in revenge rather than the welfare of the child.

Jason is an interesting character, he has this strange kind of co-dependant relationship with Rachel. He likes the zany, the crazy and the impetuous side of Rachel, aka her manic episodes. On one hand he wants her on the medication, and on the other he really misses the other non-medicated Rachel. This has got to send out mixed signals to the poor woman.

I’m Keeping You is the fourth in the Starting Out series. It is a mixture of romance, steamy bedroom antics and mental health issues.

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Bridesmaid with Attitude by Christy McKellen

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He needs a pretend girlfriend to fool his mother and she needs a fake boyfriend to keep her job. Sound straightforward right? If there wasn’t that mega pesky physical attraction between them. A powerful ¬†vibe they are both finding it hard to ignore.

Emily is feisty, knows what she wants and takes anyone she fancies a bite of. She has learnt to fend for herself since her family dropped her like a hot potatoe. Why? For looking and being very much like her mother. Certainly an unfair and judgemental reason to avoid a family member.

Theo is a broody, stubborn and passionate man, who finds Emily both infuriating and alluring. When her big mouth triggers a paparazzi frenzy and the truth about her past becomes national fodder, Theo has to choose between comforting or turning away from her.

This story is about a young woman living under the shadow of mental illness, having to deal with the misconceptions and harsh reactions of the ignorant. Nice little sub-plot there.

I received a copy of this book courtesy of Harlequin UK & Mills and Boon.