#BlogTour Inceptio by Alison Morton

Today it’s my turn on the BlogTour Inceptio by Alison Morton. This story is a combo of action and alternate history with a strong and determined main character to propel the story forward.

About the Author

Alison Morton writes the Roma Nova thriller series featuring modern Praetorian heroines. This springs from a deep love of Roman history, six years’ military service and a life of reading crime, adventure and thriller fiction. 

All six full-length novels have received the BRAG Medallion. Successio, Aurelia and Insurrectio were selected as Historical Novel Society’s Indie Editor’s Choices. Aurelia was a finalist in the 2016 HNS Indie Award. Successio featured as Editor’s Choice in The Bookseller. 

A ‘Roman nut’ since age 11, Alison has misspent decades clambering over Roman sites throughout Europe. She holds an MA History, blogs about Romans, social media and writing. Oh, and she gives talks.

She continues writing, cultivates a Roman herb garden and drinks wine in France with her husband. To get the latest news, subscribe to her free newsletter https://alison-morton.com/newsletter/

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About the book

New Yorker Karen Brown is caught in a tangle of hot foreign agents, vicious maniacs and tough families. Running for her life, she is forced to flee from her home into the alien culture of Roma Nova, the mysterious last outpost of the Roman Empire in Europe. Who wouldn’t fear failure? Or will she tough it out and find herself? Apart from kidnapping, heartache and a close encounter with Latin grammar, she must contend with a fascinating but arrogant Praetorian special forces captain. Plus a crazy killer wants to terminate her for a very personal reason. 

Roma Nova is Karen’s dead mother’s homeland. Founded sixteen hundred years ago by Roman exiles and now ruled by women, it gives her safety, a lover and a ready-made family – but at a price. Joining a law enforcement service as an undercover investigator, Karen focuses on staying alive, but is determined to find out why the killer persists in hunting her. Part action adventure, part military thriller, laced with romance and coming of age, this is Roman fiction brought into the 21st century through the lens of alternative history and driven by a female protagonist with heart and courage. 

If you enjoy thrillers and mystery books for women with twists, this is for you!”Eve Dallas meets Lindsey Davis’s Roman detective Falco meets The Hunger Games.” – B.R.A.G. Medallion honoree– shortlisted for the 2013 International Rubery Book Award– finalist in 2014 Writing Magazine Self-Published Book of the Year


In a way this storyline is kind of ironic, then again perhaps it’s just very on point given the political changes in the US and the UK at the moment in regards to immigration, illegal and legal immigrants. 

Karen Brown is the daughter of a Nova Roman woman and her father was a citizen of the Eastern United States. She lives a content and oblivious life until a simple altercation with a high-ranking family changes the direction of her future forever.

Suddenly she is considered an enemy of the state because of her heritage. The country she defends as being morally correct, righteous and a defender of the rule of democracy has now turned against her. Her mother’s family is happy to bring her back into the inner fold of the Roma Novan community. A world of wealth, a new culture, language and the responsibilities of being part of an upper class family.

The author herself says that the historical aspect of her inspirational Roma Nova series is slightly more low key in this book, perhaps because this book is heavier on the action. It is definitely worth checking out the rest of this series to see how she connects historical facts with her interpretation of fictional alternative history. As she mentions in the back of the book, what if certain moments or battles in history had ended differently and changed the course of history and life as we know it?

Although I enjoyed the fast-paced action of this book I would certainly buy one of the other books in the series because I find the alternate history or timeline premise quite intriguing. The Romans are a fascinating subject and even more so in a more dystopian setting.

Alternate history gives so much fodder for the imagination. Just one different decision equals a butterfly effect. This story is a combo of  action and alternate history with a strong and determined main character to propel the story forward.

Buy Inceptio at Amazon Uk or go to Goodreads for any other retailer. Publisher: Pulcheria Press (21 Jan. 2019)