#Blogtour The Last Tree: A Seed of Hope by Luke Adam Hawker

 It’s a pleasure to take part in the Blogtour The Last Tree: A Seed of Hope by Luke Adam Hawker.

About the Author

Luke Adam Hawker worked as an architectural designer before becoming a full-time artist in 2015. He sells his signed and limited-edition prints to fans throughout the UK and the rest of the world. 

He has also been commissioned by brands such as the Soho House Hotel Group and has an artwork hanging in the Parliamentary Art collection. Luke’s first book, Together, was a Sunday Times bestseller. It has sold over 130,000 copies worldwide to date and has been translated into nine languages.

Luke lives with his wife, son and dog Robin in Surrey, England. He has over 298k very engaged Instagram followers @lukeadamhawker or follow on @lukeadamhawker Twitter.

About the book

Imagine a world without trees. A world that is in many ways like our world, but where magnificent canopies, tree climbing and leaves rustling in the breeze are now only distant memories…

Until a young girl comes along, a girl who is brave and spirited and willing to follow where her imagination takes her. Through Olive’s adventures in the world of trees we are reminded of nature’s extraordinary power and beauty, and her actions ultimately sow the seeds of new life in her own world.

From the mind and pen of Luke Adam Hawker, the Sunday Times bestselling author of Together, The Last Tree is a superbly illustrated narrative that is a powerful evocation of the fragility of our natural world and a magnificent celebration of its beauty.


I have to start with how beautiful this hardback is – the illustrations are soothing and stunning, and at to the poignance of the message of the book. I wouldn’t hesitate to buy it for myself, friends and family. It’s definitely a beautiful way to plant a seed of hope. 

To help remind us of the fragility of life, of the living things around us. How tenuous our grip on life is – the stability is under constant threat. The tree becomes a metaphor for human life, for life in general, and perhaps most importantly for each living form. A reminder of how fast a species can be eradicated, how vulnerable we are in comparison to the might of nature. 

The story of Olive might seem abstract, but it isn’t. It’s absolutely feasible that future generations will only know the majesty of trees from museums and pictures. Species common half a century ago are now no longer in existence – in fact the number of species that become extinct in just one week is quite frankly frightening. 

Aside from being a beautifully illustrated venture of imagination – it is also a message, a stark reminder and poignant metaphor all wrapped up in the beauty of gorgeous book. 

Buy The Last Tree: A Seed of Hope at Amazon Uk or go to Goodreads for any other retailer. Publisher: Ilex Press | £16.99 | Hardback – pub date 2nd March 2023. Buy at Amazon com.