#Blogtour The Veteran by Will Patching

It’s my turn on the Blogtour The Veteran by Will Patching.

About the Author

Will Patching was born and raised in ‘sarf Lunnon, Engerland’, or at least, that’s how he pronounces it! Hence, many scenes from his novels are situated in London, the surrounding suburbs and other parts of southeast England, though they also span as far afield as Asia and the USA.

His approach to writing is to hit the reader with hard truths about the world we live in, and his mysteries, thrillers, and suspense novels are certain to set your pulse pounding. 

One male reviewer decided he needed to check his door locks late one night while reading Will’s darkly disturbing thriller, ‘Remorseless’. He subsequently commented on social media: ‘Seriously scary!’

Will’s eclectic professional experience—from his teenage role as a ‘gardener’ weeding sewage treatment filter beds, through flying a Hawk jet very fast, very low and very dangerously before the RAF realised and booted him out, then attending Harvard on a course for budding CEOs, largely thanks to the Peter Principle of promotion, and more recently, to building his dream, a charter yacht that sank in southeast Asian waters—all have led to a rich and varied life, often reflected in his writing.

For more about the author, his writing, his characters and inspiration, please head to his website at: willpatchingauthor.com Follow @WillsNovels on Twitter

About the book

A dying veteran. A long-lost son. And an infatuated nurse. Are any of them who they claim to be?

When an abusive stranger offers to care for terminally ill veteran Barry Brown while claiming to be his long-lost son, Detective Jack Carver is tasked with finding out the truth.

Brown’s wife disappeared with the infant boy under circumstances Jack finds highly questionable. While looking into her background and subsequent death he soon finds himself investigating a baffling cold case spanning almost four decades.

Was she the victim of a misogynistic serial killer who has never been brought to justice? Is Richard Brown really the missing son he claims to be? And is his browbeaten girlfriend actually qualified to care for the old man?

Find out in The Veteran, a dark, twisted psychological crime thriller… Deadly Inspirations – ‘Stand alone’ Book two ‘ENVY’

The Veteran is the second self-contained novel in a loosely-linked series based on The Seven Deadly Sins, featuring characters from Will’s gritty British crime thriller series, The Remorseless Trilogy. It is not necessary to have read book one, The Widow, or any of his other books to enjoy his latest gripping tale.


I’m going to start with the fact the author is unapologetic about his work, any possible triggers, the British spelling and about how he wants to tell his stories. The book begins with a note on this, and I can’t say I disagree with that, although there were certain elements that I found irritating at times. Nothing I wouldn’t expect though given the genre, and the nature of the story.

Expect some sexism, abuse, toxic masculinity – to name a few, but equally it fits into the snarky, murky and often downright sleazy and lethal plot. That being said there is also an element of mind games when it comes to criminal vs the main character. It’s easier to stay hidden in the open when you fulfil the expectations of a stereotype, because then nobody bothers taking a second glance. They think you made assumptions, and in doing so left them free from suspicion – until Jack wanders into the picture.

Slowly but surely malicious plans are unravelled, and a cold case begins to emerge from the ashes, actually I think it’s probably more a matter of knowing your criminals and trusting your gut instinct.

It has an urban feel, gritty and raw. Smelly armpits, obnoxious old men, and someone who digs their heels in, wades through the various veils of deceit with the sole intention of solving crime, and perhaps teaching certain people a lesson here and there.

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