#BlogTour The Little Gift Shop on the Loch by Maggie Conway

Today it’s a pleasure to take part in the BlogTour The Little Gift Shop on the Loch by Maggie Conway. It’s contemporary romance, an uplifting and delightful read.

About the Author

Maggie lived the first ten years of life in London before moving to Scotland. She has a degree in English Literature and spent many years working in offices dreaming of pursuing her passion for writing.

A perfect day would include an early morning swim, a good coffee, a great book and a few hours spent writing before the chaos of a husband, three children, a dog and a cat begins.

Having landed the role of chief dog walker, she spends far too much time roaming the streets but at least this gives her a chance to think up new storylines.

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About the book

Home is where the heart is…

Lily Ballantine is still reeling from losing her job and the man she’s head over heels for all in one afternoon! So with her pride in tatters, she leaves the city behind her for the charming Scottish village of Carroch.

Bequeathed the tiny gift shop by her late, free-spirited mother, she only intends to stay until she sells the place – but instead, finds herself falling for the beautiful shop, the stray cat called Misty… and the rather handsome local, Jack Armstrong.

Lily’s not looking for love, but as the little gift shop weaves its magic around her heart, she wonders whether her mother might just have left her the greatest gift of all?


I think it’s fair to say that Lily likes her life to fit into certain parameters. She enjoys the routine and knowing where her career is headed. She is more than shocked when her her imaginary romance and promotion all fall flat in a matter of moments when she is fired by the man of her dreams. All of her plans disappear in flash.

She travels up to Carroch to deal with the small shop her mother bequeathed to her in her will. The differences between mother and child become quite clear as the story evolves. How did the free-spirited mother manage to raise such a structured and rule loving child?

Lily doesn’t expect to make connections in such an isolated and yet superbly quaint village, where everyone knows your name and nobody is a stranger. She most definitely doesn’t expect to find somebody she is attracted to. Oh, and let’s not forget the pesky wee cat who comes with the shop.

It’s all about Lily learning to enjoy what life has to offer no matter where she is at any moment in time. Learning to take a breath and see, and not just build her life around her career. The result is a heartfelt exploration of the person she thought her mother was and who she was for the people around her. Those two pictures are completely different, something Lily has to come to terms with.

It’s light on the heart-wrenching emotions and romance, it’s the perfect mixture of both. The kind of read that doesn’t ask for a piece of your soul and instead just invites you in for a nice cup of tea and piece of cake. It’s contemporary romance, an uplifting and delightful read.

I wonder if that’s the last we will hear from the small community of Carroch. There are plenty of threads and characters to follow up with.

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