#BlogTour Discovering the Woodsman by N.M. Brott

Today it is my turn on the Blog-Tour for Discovering the Woodsman by N.M. Brott. It’s a tale of mythical creatures, forbidden love and dark secrets. It might make you rethink your trips to the forest though.

About the Author

After reading Dr. Clarissa Pinkola Estes’ book, Women Who Run with the Wolves, back in 1994, Nina had the notion that her dreams could turn into interesting stories if she wrote them down. So she did. Her wish is for readers to find these stories as entertaining to read as they were for her to write.

When she’s not expanding her dreams into stories, Nina spends time with her husband of 27 years (when he’s home from work), their two children (when they’re home from college), and their two rescue dogs (when they’re not sleeping).

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About the book

In the beautiful and peaceable kingdom of Evgenia, it is rumored that mysterious creatures still survive long after the secrets of magic have been lost. Lady Heather Bloodstone’s headstrong nature impels her to discover whether the creatures known as Woodsmen truly exist outside of the fairy tales she adored as a child. When she meets Jasper—a handsome Woodsman with deep blue eyes, wild grass-colored hair, and a cocky smile—she is nearly overwhelmed by his kiss.

Jasper the Woodsman’s life consists of fulfilling requests from the maidens and ladies of the castle—be it for a healing potion, a kiss, or to become lovers. When the lovely Lady Heather refuses his offer of the latter, he is nevertheless intrigued by her request to become friends. A dangerous situation arises when their friendship deepens, because those who cross noble bloodlines with a commoner’s are banished from Evgenia forever. (less)


One might presume, going by the cover that this is perhaps something other than what it is. The cover suggests middle-grade and younger readers, the blurb hints at more of a YA direction, however the content is more of a risqué nature and perhaps more suited for New Adult. It is filled with suggestive language and innuendos, for instance Woodsmen licking pink caves or rosy caverns, and there a few horizontal tango romps in the middle of the forest.

The blurb speaks of fairy-tales, mysterious creatures and hints at the more salacious nature of the story with words like lovers and kiss. The dialogue reveals a more amorous intent. It’s almost like a naughty romance written with fantasy and fairy-tales in mind, except the innocent princess and her companion sound as if they are discussing the attributes of the Woodsman as if he were an adult film star. What size is his appendage and what exactly is different about his tongue?

So bearing that in mind and armed with that information, let’s get to the characters and the story. Filled with curiosity, both Heather and Malva are determined to discover whether all the stories are true about the mythical Woodsmen. They are dwellers of the forest and givers of love and pleasure. Heather finds one quite quickly, apparently when you shout for them in the forest they just pop up out of nowhere. Note to self, try this the next time I’m in a forest.

Heather finds herself drawn to the Woodsman, despite their connection being deemed illegal. She also finds herself thrust into the world of royal secrets and obligations, some of which may rip her from the arms of her leafy lover.

I’m of two minds about this book, possibly because it is being torn in two different directions. Without the erotic element it would work as a lovely tale of love and or with mythical creatures. With the erotic element something seems out of place. I think Brott can deliver the goods on both fronts it just doesn’t work well together in this particular case. The description needs to be clearer, so someone looking for a simple love story or fantasy for young teens doesn’t end up with a more adult read.

I would like to see Brott unleash her penchant for passion and love, and deliver it as such.

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