The Widow by Fiona Barton

the widowAn interesting premise. Throwing the spotlight on the spouse of a monster. I expect we all wonder how much the spouse knew when the hideous crimes of a married man or woman are revealed.

How could they not have noticed the killing? How did they not know who was sleeping in their bed? Did they help hide the crimes and keep their other halves safe?

So many questions and yet most of them go unanswered. It seems as if the majority of these silent spouses are women, perhaps because there are more male serial and child killers. They support their husbands through thick and thin, regardless of the crimes those men have been accused of.

They exist in a co-dependency type relationship, which in itself must or should make them partially to blame for the crimes their spouse commits. Omitting the truth, giving false alibis, deluding themselves into believing the reality isn’t true. All those things make them guilty, if not always legally then at least morally.

In this case the reader is perhaps in a better place to see the controlling and deviant actions and behaviour of the suspect, especially towards his wife. She on the other hand seems determined to ignore the blatant signals, lies and even abusive behaviour. Her own need for a child might actually explain her complacency when it comes to the accusations, the harassment and even all the confirmed deviant behaviour.

A psychological thriller with a different perspective on the most heinous of crimes.

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