Chance by Peter Dudgeon


Ask yourself what you would do if you were able to see crimes being committed before they had actually happened.

Being fully aware of the fact that if you do intervene in a future event, you may actually be changing future itself and something worse could happen instead.

Now put yourself in the place of a child in this position. Everyone puts your visions down to childish fantasies and an overactive imagination. Spot on predictions are called coincidences and blown off by the adults in her life.

They seem to think a lot of her ‘stories’ are related to her less than stellar home life. Her mother is dealing with addiction issues, because of this Cassie suffers from the neglect and bad decision-making of her parent.

Cassie has quite a good understanding of what she can see and how, despite being so young. She knows that her visions are events and people she can see through the eyes of another person. Unfortunately for Cassie she is seeing through the eyes of a sadistic killer. A dangerous, ruthless killer with no remorse and a taste for pain.

I’m going to leave it at that lest I reveal some of the twists in the plot.Well maybe just a few more things. It was interesting to see how the lack of trust between parent and child changed throughout the story, and how the mother regains it.

Dudgeon has created a fast paced thriller with an unexpected ending. Despite his main character being a very young girl, the story never veers from the well thought through adult plot. It could do with a little more smoothness in the dialogues, but the author makes up for it with the creative twists.

I received a copy of this book courtesy of the author.

To buy Chance on Amazon UK, Barnes & Noble or go to Goodreads for any other retailer.

Read Circle, the sequel to Chance by Peter Dudgeon.


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