Shatter by Erin McCarthy


This certainly fits firmly into the en-vogue New Adult category. The difference between this one and the previous books in the series is definitely the emphasis on sex scenes between the main characters, as opposed to the relationships between them.

Not just the occasional scene either and it wanders quite close to the erotic genre (or well on the way). Whereas I would recommend the previous ones in the series (the few I have read True, Believe) to older teens, I wouldn’t do the same with this one, simply because it is quite graphic. I understand wanting to attract or market to a different age bracket, but when your readers are used to a series it seems a little risky to change the goal posts half way in.

Aside from that small issue McCarthy delivers the teenagey dramatics, despite the characters being college age and older. Kylie is still blathering on about her ex-boyfriend Nathan and the infamous betrayal by Robin.

I have to say it still irks me the way McCarthy describes the drunk sex scenario. In the previous book Believe Robin is completely blathered and Nathan takes advantage of it, ergo has sex with her aka ‘I still think it was rape’ not a so-called mistake. I actually think McCarthy added an extra sexual detail to that night in hindsight to make it look more like a consensual mistake. ( will have to read the previous again to confirm)

Kylie still hasn’t let go of the past and feels completely validated in pushing Robin away. She ends up having a one night stand with consequences. Her partner in crime is a new guy on the scene, who has to deal with her old insecurities and newly acquired ones.
A combination of relationship drama, steamy antics and First World problems.


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