End of Enemies by Grant Blackwood


A fairly ambitious spy thriller with a ‘save the world from complete annihilation’ plot. It starts out quite well with a great opening chapter, which suggests quite a ride.Instead it suffers slightly from overzealous plotting. Not that the premise wasn’t interesting, the story was just a little improbable at times.

Everything just falls into Tanner’s lap. No matter how difficult the situation or how extreme the circumstance. I don’t mind when the pieces of the puzzle all slide into place in a story. I do find it a different reading experience when it seems as if someone has bitten off bits of the jigsaw puzzle pieces to make it fit right.

The fact Tagaki knew where to find the submarine wasn’t explained sufficiently for my liking. Taking into consideration that it had remained a secret for many decades, and for some reason the Americans didn’t think it was important enough to look for, and yet all of a sudden someone just happens to tell Tagaki.

I do think the spunky adventurous and secretive military narrative will appeal to quite a few readers though.
I received a copy of this book via NetGalley.


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