The Million-Dollar Question by Kimberly Lang


I have to say I was a wee bit annoyed by Evan and his dramatic overreaction after finding out about the real reason Olivia contacted him. Accusing her more or less of being a prostitute, willing to sleep with a wealthy man to get what she wants. Seriously? What kind of automatic insulting thought process is that?

Olivia realises it is a bad idea about five minutes after she meets up with Evan. Too much history, bad feeling and way too much mutual sexual attraction. Evan is hard to resist, despite his over-confident attitude. Olivia really finds it hard to concentrate on saying no, which is kind of difficult when such utter hotness is being dangled in front of her eyes. A cupcake with great dress sense.

Perhaps if they hadn’t been kept apart by the inevitable big brother with control issues, the two of them  might have been able to sort out their differences sooner. Instead they start a strange cat and mouse game of attraction and denial. Saying that, they do spend quite a bit of time playing the game and doing the horizontal tango.

I received a copy of this book courtesy of Harlequin UK and Mills & Boon.


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