Bridesmaid with Attitude by Christy McKellen

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He needs a pretend girlfriend to fool his mother and she needs a fake boyfriend to keep her job. Sound straightforward right? If there wasn’t that mega pesky physical attraction between them. A powerful  vibe they are both finding it hard to ignore.

Emily is feisty, knows what she wants and takes anyone she fancies a bite of. She has learnt to fend for herself since her family dropped her like a hot potatoe. Why? For looking and being very much like her mother. Certainly an unfair and judgemental reason to avoid a family member.

Theo is a broody, stubborn and passionate man, who finds Emily both infuriating and alluring. When her big mouth triggers a paparazzi frenzy and the truth about her past becomes national fodder, Theo has to choose between comforting or turning away from her.

This story is about a young woman living under the shadow of mental illness, having to deal with the misconceptions and harsh reactions of the ignorant. Nice little sub-plot there.

I received a copy of this book courtesy of Harlequin UK & Mills and Boon.


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