Your Bed or Mine by Joss Wood

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Matt understands instinctively how Tori hides her real feelings from her friends. She plays the clown to deflect from her inner pain and torment. He also sees through her bravado to the core of her insecurities. The self-doubt and lack of character judgement when it comes to picking out the men in her life.

Tori tends to pick the rogues, the bad boys and the borderline abusive boyfriends. She puts up with the betrayals, the embarrassment and the odd requests or fetishes that cross her personal boundaries. She lacks self-esteem and suffers from the misconception that sex equals love.

Unfortunately many young people, especially girls, find it hard to distinguish between the two. Far too often love and sex are put on the same pedestal and mistaken for the same thing. Hearts are broken because what is a purely sexual relationship to one half of a couple might be a starry-eyed romance and declaration of love to another.

Matt needs to make Tori wake up and smell the roses in regards to her dysfunctional relationship patterns. Only then will he allow the two of them to get closer. In the meantime Tori is playing hard to get, then come and get me, and confusing the hell out of both of them.

Wood has slid some interesting sub-topics into this wee romance.

I received a copy of this book courtesy of Harlequin UK and Mills & Boon.


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