Sleeping with the Soldier by Charlotte Phillips


Kudos to the author for adding this difficult subject to such a carefree romance. Many men and women are involved in the atrocities of war, even in our day and age. They see and experience things no person should ever be exposed to. Unfortunately this is part and parcel of serving in the military.

There seems to be lack of acknowledgement by the government and military when it comes to the aftermath of being in a war zone. Aside from the physical injuries there is also post-traumatic stress disorder, a psychological burden many soldiers suffer from, despite  the high number of people suffering it seems to often go undiagnosed. What is far worse though is how the military often approaches the subject with an almost blasé type attitude, which can be detrimental the soldier’s health and those around them.

Alex keeps himself awake each night in an attempt to escape the memories and the trauma. The sleep deprivation causes erratic behaviour and mood swings, which makes it hard to connect to people long-term. Relationships are hard to maintain when one part of the couple refuses to deal with such major issues.

Lara does try very hard to get through to Alex, but finds herself at the top of the rejection pile. She initially puts his behaviour down to his wealthy upbringing and his selfish personality traits. When she does manage to get a glimpse inside the real Alex it seems to be too little too late.

This is an arduous romance with a very important yet often overlooked sub-plot.

I received a copy of this book courtesy of Harlequin UK and Mills & Boon.



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