Dressed to Thrill by Bella Frances


Tara and Michael clash head on like a bull to a red rag, I am just not sure which one is the bull. Both of them have very strong personalities and a need to be in control of every situation. A tug of war for control ensues between them.

The jeering, insults and verbal combat becomes like foreplay to the two of them. They can’t stand each other and at the same time feel drawn to one another.  If they let down their guard long enough they might just find they have quite a few things in common. Life has made them fighters, made them stronger and also made them both think they have to play up to the fake media images they have created, to be more successful.

Living in the public eye plays havoc on the mind. It must be hard to keep the public and private persona from melding into one big mess of personality. I think both Tara and Michael suffer from having difficulty keeping the two things separate. The only way the are going to be able to connect on all levels is if they step away from the fake persona long enough to embrace the real one.

This is a tempestuous romance with a lot of passion and many battles between the two of them, both in private and in public.

I received a copy of this book courtesy of Harlequin UK and Mills & Boon.


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