The Heat of the Night by Amy Andrews

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I liked the way Andrews and Blake shared this double couple storyline. It starts off with Her Hottest Summer Yet by Ally Blake and the story of Avery and Jonah. It ends, and quite a superb ending it is, with The Heat of the Night by Amy Andrews and the story of Claudia and Luke. The four of them are friends and the romantic interludes take place in Crescent Cove.

Claudia is trying to keep her holiday resort open and afloat. The cyclone that just destroyed most of it had other ideas though. Unfortunately for her she has a business partner who would rather give the place a new look and take it into the 21st century, whereas Claudia likes the nostalgic feel of the place, and the force of nature has played right into Luke’s hands.

A playful tug of war ensues between the two of them, in regards to the hotel and their relationship.  However they are both aware of the limited time they have together because they live in different worlds. His life is in the city and her life is Crescent Cove, and never the twain shall meet. Then again perhaps they might.

This story has a quirky, good-time feeling about it with a strong sense of family, loyalty and friendship.

I received a copy of this book courtesy of Harlequin UK.


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