Her Hottest Summer Yet by Ally Blake


Blake sure knows how to write  and create a romance with enough sexual tension to melt a block of ice.

Jonah has such a strong visual presence in this story. It is hard not to imagine him riding the waves, strolling in the sand and captivating the people around him.

The dog, who isn’t his dog apparently, but seems to be everywhere Jonah goes, gives the story a ‘pull on the heartstrings’ element. Hull actually has his own lover-boy problems to deal with. Life sure is hard when you fall for a teeny scraggly princess with a dragon for a mother.

Avery does try very hard to resist the potent pull of the hunky surfer, but it is really hard to ignore your libido when your soul is drawn to someone like a bee to pollen.

This story is about finding your way home. Home in a sense that you feel complete and at ease in a certain place, perhaps even with the perfect partner at  your side. It is about finding the person you are meant to be with, as opposed to the person you think your supposed to be with.

In society we often find it hard to make that particular distinction when it comes to the loves in our lifetime. It should never be the person others think you should be with, instead it should be the person you know you should be with.

I received a copy of this book courtesy of Harlequin UK and Mills & Boon.

Note: This is the first of a double couple story set in Crescent Cove. The second is The Heat of the Night by Amy Andrews.




One thought on “Her Hottest Summer Yet by Ally Blake

  1. […] liked the way Andrews and Blake shared this double couple storyline. It starts off with Her Hottest Summer Yet by Ally Blake and the story of Avery and Jonah. It ends, and quite a superb ending it is, with The Heat of the […]


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