The Morning After the Night Before by Nikki Logan


Harry isn’t as sure of himself when the tables are suddenly turned on him.  He goes from cheeky to heartbroken and then just plain unforgivably nasty in a matter of seconds. Pot calling the kettle black methinks. How dare he point the finger and treat Izzy with such ignorance and disdain?

I can’t say that I found the snobby Harry very endearing, but  the willing to do the horizontal tango in a box room Harry was quite naughty and witty. The ‘Cirque du Soleil dismount’ comment made me chuckle and it brought back some very distinct memories.

Izzy isn’t someone who likes to be  pushed into the corner, and in this case responds quickly and without any thought to possible consequences.  Rather stubborn, cheeky and right, than polite, quiet and wrong. She isn’t intimidated by a snazzy expensive suit or a superior demeanour. She does however have a wee tendency to want to stroke the odd piece of expensive clothing, especially if there is a Harry inside it.

This story is about the damage secrets can cause or even the omission of truth. If you can’t open up and be honest, how is someone supposed to love you for who you really are? If you think everyone has an ulterior motive then life might just be very lonely going forward.

I received a copy of this book courtesy of Harlequin UK and Mills& Boon.