How to Bag a Billionaire by Nina Milne


I suppose if you’re a billionaire you will be inclined to think everyone wants you for your money and nobody really wants you for yourself. Everyone gets tossed into the same bucket of gold-digging faker and Adam has difficulty differentiating between the diggers and the non-diggers.

Olivia isn’t looking to bag, dig or scam anything from Adam or anyone else for that matter. She just needs to find a solution to an unexpected problem. It isn’t even her problem that needs solving.

You would think the person needing  a change of attitude or perhaps a closer look at their opinion of relationships in general, would be Adam.  He does, but Olivia has a lot of adjusting to do herself.

What I really enjoyed about this lovely little romance  was the air of  pure joy at the smaller things in life. The sand between their toes, the sound of waves or the sun shining on their faces. Teaching each other in their own specific way how to take down the walls of misconceptions they surround themselves with.

This is a spirited romance with quirky characters and cat burglars.

I received a copy of this book courtesy of Harlequin UK and Mills & Boon.


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