Falling For Her Rival by Jackie Braun

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Parents often want their children to mirror their own wants, needs and ambitions. If they have raised them to be independent and capable of their own choices, it also means they will choose a path their parents wouldn’t have chosen for them.

Some parents are accepting of this possibility and others never quite get over the fact that their children are neither clones nor mini versions of the parent.

Lara knows exactly how that type of pressure feels and spent a long time pushing buttons in order to get a reaction out of her controlling parent. Unfortunately that also means the friction between them has caused irreparable damage to their relationship.

Lara is set on the road to repair the damage or perhaps just to prove herself worthy to him and even herself. I suppose it is nothing less than fate when she meets Finn, who also has something to prove to the world and himself.

Sounds absolutely idyllic and a recipe for romance, right? Well perhaps if there wasn’t the small issue of deception, false identity and all round lying. Yeh, that sort of thing can tend to incinerate any kind of blossoming friendship or romance for that matter.

Braun manages to keep the readers on their toes and still give them what they need in the end and more, just not the way they were expecting her to.
I received a copy of this book courtesy of Harlequin UK and Mills& Boon.