Lessons in Rule-Breaking by Christy McKellen


Taking the most intimate of moments and sharing it with the world is the deepest betrayal for some and the greatest expression of love for others. For Xander it is the most natural thing in the world to want to create and then share that creation with others.

Unfortunately Jess doesn’t see it the same way. That disconnection in itself is enough to reason to back away from a potential relationship. Trust isn’t something you can just conjure up in a heartbeat once it has been chewed up and spat on.

So that leaves Xander with a wee bit of a conundrum. Career or love, fame or fling? What to do, what to do? Not like there aren’t ten thousand other luscious females swimming around in the pool of possible hot dates. Is Jess worth the integrity of his muse inspired work of magnificence, especially when this particular muse has just managed to break the dam on his dry spell.

Meanwhile the very surprised Jess, with the newly acquired title of muse, has just learnt an important lesson in life. If you bed an artist make sure you do so in full body clothing, that includes the hours of slumber after partaking of the artistic delights.

Unless of course you accept the fact that romping with the likes of Xander could be the beginning of a new relationship between the world and your nipples. Just sayin’…

Needless to say Jess doesn’t react well to that scenario.

I received a copy of this book courtesy of Harlequin UK & Mills and Boon.


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