Her Client from Hell by Louisa George


Trust is a very rare and special commodity. Once lost it is really hard to get it back. Cassie doesn’t  think she will ever be able to trust anyone again, especially men.

Jack is wary of all and guards his past like the gold in Fort Knox. Looks like the two of them are at a standoff when it comes to emotions and relationships. That makes working together exceptionally hard and the spark between them is like a Chinese firecracker, loud and hard to ignore.

Cassie is the youngest in her family and as is often the case she is used to people trying to meddle and make decisions in her best interest, because they believe she is incapable of making sound life, business and love choices. Not an entirely wrong assumption based on her past choices and most recent failure.

She is chaotic where Jack is organized, she is late to his punctual, colourful to his bland and impatient where he is the patient one. The complete opposites of each other, so not exactly a recipe for success.

Then again they do say opposites attract and there is most certainly a magnetic attraction going on between the two of them.
This is a saucy little romance about two people with extremely high walls built around them and looking for a way to break them down.
I received a copy of this book courtesy of Harlequin UK and Mills & Boon.


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