Turned by Virna DePaul


What really didn’t gel right for me was the way Ty seemed to be described in two completely different ways. When he is with Ana he is the hot, muscular and strong ‘I will throw you over my shoulders and do the horizontal tango with you till you plead for a waltz’ kind of guy, who fears nothing. Not even vampires, turned or born.

When he is attacked by born vampires he becomes an embarrassing and shivering mess of turned vampire jello, who fears other vampires as if there is no tomorrow. What gives? Multiple vampire personality disorder?How am I the reader supposed to take him seriously as the great seducer of women and rescuer of mankind in the war against rogue vampires, when dude can’t even pull up his big girl panties if a vampire turns up.

The way Ty struggles with the needs of the creature he has become is done very well. The author shows his internal and external struggle with the hunger, the lust and his own disgust at what the part of him he has no power to control.

Aside from that the whole humans being turned on purpose plot was a wee bit confusing and could do with some fleshing out. The reasons or rather the connections between the women at Belladonna were random and disappointing, They need better back stories if they are going to be the focus of further books.

Overall the story often lacked explanation and I think the reader is supposed to assume some of the events, as opposed to actually reading about them. The strongest part of the book was the relationship and scenes between Ana and Ty.

Saying all that, it has the potential to be a good series if the dots are connected in the right way and plots are strengthened.
I received a copy of this book via NetGalley.


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