Unleashing Mr Darcy by Teri Wilson


It is a modern homage to Pride and Prejudice, albeit with a sense of fun and smidgen of modern-day relationship problems.

I enjoyed the lighthearted banter and the attempt to recreate the essence of the story without filling the it with too many predictable sub-plots. In that sense the whole dog competition angle was perhaps completely unexpected, but also exactly the right way to make it fresh and modern.

Donovan is a typical wealthy bachelor and part of the upper crust of British society.When Elizabeth first meets him he comes across as snooty and elitist, despite the fact he is as cute as a button. Okay, make that handsome and debonair.

One thing that didn’t quite gel right for me was the fact that the upper class British do not go around calling each other mate nor do they use the term love in the way it is used in this book. In certain areas the terms pet , love and mate are informal ways of addressing people, there does not have to be a prior relationship between the people using them. It made the dialogue between the upper members of society seem unrealistic, especially when the whole difference of level of class was part of the plot.

Overall it was a fun read and respectful easy-going adaptation of a classic,
I received a copy of this book courtesy of Harlequin UK and Mira UK.


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