Swipe by Kathy Reichs and Brendan Reichs

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This a fun short novella featuring the Virals.
It is also in its own teen way an homage to Comic-Con.
A mystery set in the middle of the immensely popular fan convention. A place where kindred spirits can meet and enjoy their favourite comics, shows and characters.

Temperance Brennan has been invited to join the ultimate fandom experience, which is how her great-niece Tory and her friends end up at the event.

Tory and Co., are the so-called Virals. A group of teens, who have accidentally had their DNA changed in an unfortunate incident. They were infected with rare strain of the canine parvovirus and subsequently have to deal with their new state as hybrids.

Of course their special talents and the fact they are Sci-Philes make them the perfect substitute for Poirot when an extremely expensive display figure is stolen.

They remind me of a mixture of the Famous Five meets Nancy Drew with a glitch of the supernatural and strong element of science. The type of books both old, young and both genders like to read.

This is a fun way of introducing the group to readers, who are as yet not acquainted with the series and those that are get to see them from the fun-loving teen side, which sometimes gets lost in the novels, due to all the action taking place.

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