Holiday with a Stranger by Christy McKellen

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Life is a train of events tied together, full of moments in time and connections to people. Sometimes those connections are meant to lead us on a path with others.
Josie is relaxing in a farmhouse in the beautiful french countryside, at least she is until an unexpected guest turns up.
She finds herself confronted with her business partners brother, who just happens to co-own the place she is staying in.
I enjoyed the playfulness between the two characters. The way they interacted with ease, were able to laugh and have fun with each other. Sometimes people just connect naturally in a way that is inexplicable.
Connor started off regarding Josie as an irritating disruption to his holiday, but now he finds himself attracted to the spunky distraction. Unfortunately he has no plans for any relationship regardless of whether it be short or long-term.

Who wants to be nothing more than a week long fling with no strings attached, no questions and all the benefits. Josie certainly doesn’t find his attitude towards potential love interests and family members very inviting.
Connor teaches Josie to let go, to understand that the world will still go on as usual even if she doesn’t work like a madwoman 24/7.
It is snug little story with a fleeting moment in time and a string of coincidences changing the paths of two people.
I received a copy of this book courtesy of Harlequin UK and Mills & Boon.


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