Stone Bruises by Simon Beckett


The main character stumbles into a bag of worms bigger than the current one he is trying to escape from. In the midst of a forest he is taken in by a very eccentric family.
Each member of the family is creepier or more unstable than the other.Not quite the sanctuary it appears to be and beginning to seem more like a trap, as time passes by. Sean is drawn into the mystery, the drama and the secrets that lie heavily upon the family. He is torn between wanting an out and needing to know the truth.

What exactly is the truth?
Is one of them guilty of murder most foul or just a victim of village Chinese whispers and spiteful tongue wagging? Some of them certainly seem not only capable but also quite comfortable with the rumours.
It is almost as if Sean believes that he will be absolved of his own sins if he reaches out to release the burden of sins weighing upon the shoulders of others. By doing so he also thinks he can set Mathilde, Michel and Gretchen free. He just doesn’t understand that the layers of this dysfunctional family quagmire are far deeper than he ever imagined.
The truth is far more damaging than he could ever imagine.
It is quite well paced with an interesting twist at the end.
I received a copy of this book via NetGalley.


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