Relentless by Cassia Leo


After reading about how utterly and totally awesome the ex-boyfriend Chris was, and how he is such a super duper singer that he is now a Rock-star, I was less than impressed by his performance at the end of the book. What a plonker and a domineering one at that. I do not get the appeal.
Not that Adam was much better. There is this cosmic literary misconception that all gals love a bad boy and that the bad boy needs to be insensitive, rude and have misogynistic tendencies.
I would have liked to have seen the author explore the anxiety attacks and the interesting association Claire has to water in stress inducing environments. Perhaps also a closer look at the traumatic experiences that defined her.
The reader spends the entire book waiting for some awful secret to be revealed about Claire. I thought it was something completely different. The actual secret fits very well into the state of mind Claire exhibits and her decisions in the previous year.
Hopefully the character of Claire will be able to emerge from the shadows of the overbearing males she surrounds herself with and start to live a little without needing the helping hands of others.
I received a copy of this book via NetGalley.


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