Between Two Thorns by Emma Newman


Two worlds exist simultaneously, mirror images with one difference. The world inhabited by mere mortals is called the Mundane and the second, the Nether, is occupied by the Fae. The Nether is much like stepping into Victorian England. It is a world full of antiquated views and backward thinking. The women are deemed to be second class citizens with no voice and are expected to obey and never question male authority.
No wonder that one of them decided to slip through the tight restrictive net of her family and her society, to try to build a new life in the Mundane. A life she is allowed to control. Where she say what she wants, do whatever she pleases and live in the manner that she wishes.
Unfortunately the Fae do not allow for flighty freedom seeking Fae, especially female ones, and she is captured by one of the head honchos. He has a connection and interest in her that is not only creepy but also dangerous.
The other storyline, which connects to Cathy and her family a little later in the book, is about Max. Max is an Arbiter for the Fae in the Mundane. A combination of police/enforcer of the Fae in the human world. What they do exactly isn’t entirely clear and could do with a little more depth. The two stories merge but not very well and it often seems as if two different books are being presented.
Towards the end of the story Cathy discovers something about the hierarchy of the Fae and how the servants come to be in that position. I think that sub-plot is fodder for the next book.
Overall the idea is a good one, especially in regards to the abuse and oppression of females in the Fae community. I think given more depth and attention to plot purely from the perspective of the potential reader this could be a nifty little series.
I received a copy of this book via NetGalley.


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