Black Arts by Faith Hunter


The Jane Yellowrock series is a combo of Briggs/Mercy and Andrews/Kate. The Skinwalker with internal beast is a fascinating conundrum, especially when they get to the point where there is no distinction between the two of them. This is particularly evident in fighting scenes and scenes, which evoke maternal responses from both Jane and the Beast.
Jane and her Beast have some important inner dialogue in this book. Borders are defined, needs and wants are implied, and Jane finally understands the implications of a Jane without Beast.
Why on earth is Jane wasting her time on Ricky? It isn’t as if she is his soulmate and he certainly has no problem doing the horizontal tango with other gals and she certainly feels attracted to other men. What gives with the revolving door love interest? At least in this book there seems to be another possible romantic relationship emerging.
Then of course there is her contentious relationship with Leo. The whole secret bond issue has Beast yearning for his fanged highness and he doesn’t seem to notice at all. So much for vampires and their super senses.
I hope Hunter explores the darkness in Molly’s magic a lot more in the next book and that the next plot is something a tad more than Leo & Co. battling for his place as head vampire of his area, because this series has a lot more to give. Hunter just needs to dig a little deeper.
I received a copy of this book via NetGalley.


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