Truly, Madly, Deeply *24 short romantic stories*


This is a compilation of short stories written by members of the Romantic Novelists’ Association and it includes tales from some of the most well-known names in the heart-squeezing, tear-jerking romance genre.

A Rose by any other Name Would Smell As Sweet by Adele Parks – It was the quintessence of family concern and their attempt at playing Cupid. For more books by Adele Parks go to

A Sensible Proposal by Anna Jacobs  Love found during times of great desperation. For more by Anna Jacobs go to

The Corporate Wife by Carole Matthews – Everyone ages and only the ones willing to accept that are worthy of your time, loyalty and love. For more books by Carole Matthews go to

The Art of Travel by Elizabeth Buchan – Time to let go of the memory of perfect love and move on. To read more by Elizabeth Buchan go to

The Rough with the Smooth  by Elizabeth Chadwick – I wasn’t impressed with the way hubby treated the wife. Not at all, regardless of the era. For more by Elizabeth Chadwick go to

Living the Dream by Katie Fforde –  The grass isn’t always greener on the other side, be grateful for what you have. For more by Katie Fforde go to

True Love by Maureen Lee – A whole life spent loving and living a memory. For more books by Maureen Lee go to

Love on Wheels by Miranda Dickinson –  Old love rekindled when two people find each other again after many years. To read more about Miranda Dickinson go to

Clarion Call by Catherine King – Just a coincidence or meant to be? For more by Catherine King go to

Puppy Love by Chrissie Manby – Moral of the story, cheaters always get their just desserts. Oh and never mess with witches. To read more about Chrissie manby go to

Third Act by Fanny Blake –  Past loves meet up and their passion is reignited. For more books by Fanny Blake go to

A Real Prince by Fiona Harper –  It is true what they say, you have to kiss many frogs to find your prince. Some frogs are just more ignorant than others. For more by Fiona Harper go to

The Fundamental Things by Heidi Rice –  Misconceptions can lead to a lost lifetime. For more by Heidi Rice go to

Summer ’43 by India Grey – Chasing dreams that will never come to pass. To read more by India Grey go to

How to get a Pill into a Cat by Judy Astley – Lovely and funny story about using a pet to capture the girl of your dreams. For more by Judy Astley go to

Life of Pies by Kate Harrison –  Funny and cute with a wisp of mystery. For more books by Kate Harrison go to

Head over Heart by Louise Allen – All hope seems lost and then a glimmer of light appears as  two souls connect. For more books by Louise Allen go to

The Marriage Bargain by Nicola Cornick – Wasted moments and assumptions. To read more by Nicola Cornick go to

Shocking Behaviour by Sue Moorcroft – Not exactly the way to charm a girl but very original. To read more by Sue Moorcroft go to

Feel the Fear by Alison May –  Connecting by teaching someone to overcome their fears. for more by Alison May go to

The Eighth Promise by Jenny Harper –  How one sentence can change the direction of your path. For more by jenny Harper go to

A Night to Remember by Nikki Moore – Beautiful, devastatingly so. For more books by Nikki Moore go to

The Truth about the Other Guy by Rhoda Baxter – A mother playing matchmaker and trying to outsmart her daughter. For more by Rhodabaxter go to

The Fairy-Tale Way by Sophie Pembroke – Kiss a frog and hope for the best. For more books by Sophie Pembroke go to

The stories are very short, but even in those few pages the reader gets a glimpse of what each writer is capable of. Some of these stories are memorable, poignant, heartwarming and some are also quite funny. You never quite know what is coming next.

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