The Shape Stealer by Lee Carroll


Although I am not averse to a bit of poetry now and again, and I can understand the the author wanting to bring attention to the art of poetry, however I felt it was detrimental to the flow of the story.The poetry was good, it just did not fit in context with the story and there was too much of it. I question whether it was written with the intent of creating a setting for the poetry, which was why the actual story within the book was given less attention. A pity really, the two entities should have been presented individually to give them both justice.
As for the story, well there was so much going on it felt as if an explosion of ideas had been crowded into a confined space.
The old Will new Will sub-plot could have been explored a little more. It was certainly one of the more interesting ideas, although I still don’t understand why old Will would have thought the new Will would be more suited to the woman he apparently loves.
I would suggest reading the previous two books in the series to get a better feel of the events and characters.
I received a copy of this book via NetGalley.


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