Frost Hollow Hall by Emma Carroll


On a cold frosty day, the events of the past take the opportunity to reach out into the future to touch the present.
A young girl connects with a young boy deep under the water, when she breaches the realms of the dead.
At first Tilly is confused by the connection and struggles to understand what Kit wants. Tilly knows that somehow it must all be linked to Frost Hall, so where better than to start her investigation.
As she struggles to overcome her personal loss, emotional burden and the financial worries her family faces, she decides to conquer two birds with one stone. Make money and find out what is going on at Frost Hall, all at the same time. Brilliant idea, right?
Tilly soon finds herself in way deeper than she expected. Things that go bump in the night and pinch people in the dark, and that is without all the flying pottery.She is soon questioning her her great idea and then she meets the owners of the Hall. That is when sees the devastation left behind in the wake of the tragedy and how important it is to set the past free, so both ghosts and the living can move on.
I found the actual solution or ending a little anti-climatic, but in hindsight that might just have been what made this book so good. There doesn’t always have to be a huge gory, scary or sad ending. The simplicity of the solution was realistic. Kit doesn’t need or want big gestures and neither does the other ghost.
They just want what is owed to them by the people who loved them the most but also disappointed and betrayed them in a way no other person could.
A wonderful story for both younger and older readers.
I received a copy of this book via Netgalley.


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