The Last Guy She Should Call by Joss Wood


Rowan appears to globe wanderer with no ties to hold her down and a devil may care attitude about her life in general. She only touches base with her friends when everything goes awry. This time there is only one person available when she ends up in hot water yet again. The annoying big brother of her best friend and he is used to helping her out of sticky situations. This time he has a special condition attached to his offer of help.
Sebastian is a technology geek with a lot of hidden baggage and a heart wide enough to accept the eccentricity of Rowan. They both find themselves suddenly dealing with the adults they have become during the long years they haven’t seen each other and the memories of the young people they used to be.
This was a quite a deep little book. The main focus was on mothers, their relationships with their children and how those relationships can determine the path you take as an adult. Seb and Rowan have one thing in common they both have mothers who seem indifferent to them and that experience bonds them together in a way. Rowan has to deal with a mother who would rather see her at the other end of the world than at home and Seb has to deal with a mother who decided it was more important to experience life everywhere but at home.
Of course Seb actually fears that the same magnetic pull of the world will tug at Rowan, ergo she will also just up and leave him eventually. Whilst I understand his fear I disagree with the last chapter, because I felt as if he was allowing her to acknowledge that it would never be good enough between them. I was disappointed that she felt it was the right thing to do.
All in all this was an entertaining read with many quips and also not without some emotional moments. Some of which I am sure many of us may be able to identify with.
I received a copy of this book courtesy of Harlequin UK/Mills & Boon.


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