Romance for Cynics by Nicola Marsh


Lucy is a strong willed woman but unfortunately she is slightly jaded and cynical. Divorce can do that to a person, especially when your ex is the type that likes do the horizontal samba with every willing participant he can find. Now Lucy seems to think that no man is trustworthy.
Cashel doesn’t really do a lot to dispel that belief. He is the rich good looking playboy type, so Lucy just automatically assumes that he isn’t worth her time.
The two of them are thrown together for a competition and each one of them has their own reasons for taking part. He just wants some eye-candy to help his public profile and she needs the money.
Doesn’t exactly sound like a perfect recipe for romance, right?
Stranger things have happened and in this case they truly do. The two of them find themselves drawn to each other. What starts out as pretend soon becomes so real that it frightens both Lucy and Cashel to a certain degree.
I did wonder about the scene at the ball and how Lucy got away with her behaviour without alerting the press to anything. Other than that this a was fun story with opposites who attract.
I received a copy of this book courtesy of Harlequin UK/Mills & Boon.


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