No Time Like Mardi Gras by Kimberly Lang


What I really enjoyed about this story was the way the author let the female lead evolve. Instead, the almost usual strong man helps and comforts the weak woman scenario was replaced with a woman moving on from difficult times and becoming stronger. Jamie decides not to let her past determine her future and makes a choice to leave the mess behind but take the lessons she learnt with her into the future.
The author also takes a wee poke at the media, the public and the almost frenzy like need for gossip. Society seems to believe that any person in the public eye has no right to privacy. Any information that cannot be obtained to create stories is made up on the spot, as long as the story sells it doesn’t matter how much truth is in it. The people featured in these articles can do nothing to stop it and have to deal with the image created by the media.
All of the above might make the story appear to be really serious and straight-laced. It wasn’t, in fact it was a fun story about two strangers connecting for a short time during Mardi Gras. That connection seems to be deeper than they both expected and both Jamie and Colin find that staying away from each other isn’t as easy as they thought it would be.
I received a copy of this book courtesy of Harlequin UK/Mills & Boon.


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