The Silent Pool by Phil Kurthausen


Although this was a crime story, for me the more interesting aspect of this book was the Lightspeed Intracom sub-plot.
The company agrees to finance an election if they are allowed to influence the curriculum in schools. Intracom has produced the search engine software Lightspeed, which is already installed on nearly 70% of existing laptops/computers. The search engine regulates what the searcher sees, ergo defining and controlling their information gathering and the results of their info requests.
In this case it has been designed to eliminate and distort info searches on evolution.
This is a fictional company but the way they determine how people or what people read when they use a search engine is equivalent to our very own Google.
The company Intracom is part of a large religious group/cult, who do not believe in the theory of evolution. Intracom is also the publisher of school books in certain areas of the curriculum. The content in those books has also been changed in regards to the teaching of evolution.
Again this is reminiscent of Google’s almost all encompassing tentacles in every area and the school book publishing sub-plot is arrow shot straight at Texas. They also want to eradicate certain scientific aspects of our learning and replace them with religious beliefs. They are well-known for having a stronghold over content in US school textbooks and are responsible for the publication of the majority of textbooks.
The censorship of information flow and the manipulation of the masses via global technology and media giants is something which is already upon us in a big way.
There are also historical comparisons, the members of the church are called The Third Wavers (Third Reich, also reference to the film the Wave), the members wear red shirts (Brown-shirts of Germany) and they use a salute to greet each other.
All of the above is actually just a small part of the story, which is an intricately woven tale of faith and revenge.
I received a copy of this book courtesy of Carina Harlequin UK via NetGalley.


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