The Weight of Blood by David Daglish


Quarrah and Harruq are quite the anti-heroes. They don’t really have many redeeming qualities at all. Hard to connect to characters who didn’t really reach out to the reader.
Quarrah is the brother who leads and Harruq the one that follows. Harruq does the violent bidding of his brother, he is his tool.
The relationship between Harruq and the elf Aurelia was interesting. She really tries to establish a connection between the two of them. There is a poignant scene towards the end that not only puts their blossoming friendship at risk it also becomes a a choice between life or death.
Harruq begins to question the authority of his brother and his attitude towards their quest begins to change.
The names of the brothers are a palindrome. Personally I think that might suggest a Jekyll and Hyde kind of situation. The author has created two men and presented them with possible character traits of one.One coin, two sides. The evil man and his conscience. Together they are on a path of steadily escalating violence. The acts growing in atrocity and their reaction to them becoming less apparent as time passes, ergo it doesn’t bother them.
This is part of  Magic, Myth & Majesty  a box-set of Fantasy stories.
I received a copy of this book courtesy of the author.


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